Lemon Lime

I received this absolutely gorgeous vintage dress as a Flock Together Secret Santa gift from Amy in December when the ground was covered with snow.  Thank you again Amy! It was actually originally a beautiful maxi length dress, but I knew I would get much more wear out of it in the summer months if I made it more casual by taking up the hem a bit.  I was SO excited to wear it during the warmer weather yesterday, but funnily enough, its now snowing again here. UGH.  

Outfit Details
Vintage Dress - Gift from Amy
Buckle Boots - Crown Vintage via DSW
Flower Crown - DIY

From what I have gathered living here over the past few years, the Colorado rules of weather are as follows: Number one is, there are actually no rules.  But if there were any rules, they would definitely include: it will snow at least once after you think it couldn't possibly snow again this late in the year.  Last week was in the 80s. Yup!

We celebrated Mother's Day with R's mom on Saturday night instead of Sunday at a yummy new-to-us Thai food place.  We are spending today on the couch grumbling about the weather but perhaps secretly grateful for a day filled with laziness and snacks.
Hope you all had a great (hopefully snow-free) weekend!
xo Hannah

p.s. Happy Mother's day to my Mom, who is always a huge supporter of me/ this blog, and to all the beautiful mommy bloggers reading this! <3


  1. That dress is soo awesome! I want.

  2. Oh that is the most beautiful dress!

  3. Oh, this looks so fun and summery.

    Totally get you on the snow. Same here.

  4. This is such a sweet dress! It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet a little. Or, you know, just something Renaissance-y. I'm so broad. IT COULD BE ANYTHING! Ehehehe, and your floral crown is just precious, too.

    Happy Mother's Day! Glad it went well for you. :)

  5. That color looks so good on you!!


  6. You look cute in yellow :) I love the flowers in the background too. Your pictures always make Colorado seem like such a gorgeous place to live.

  7. I love the embroidery/applique! The color palette is definitely spring-perfect :)

  8. UGH. 70's dream dress right here. Girl, you look like a springy flower child from the 70's and I am LOVING it.

  9. loving all the yellow!


  10. So pretty!! That dress is so fun and summery!

    <3 Shannon

  11. it....it snowed? k, time to move. it's middle of may- that's just not allowed!! also, that dress amy got you is SO cute. I love the front panel. it's a vintag dream :)

    xo marlen
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  12. What a lovely dress, the embroidery is really special and I love it on the sleeves too! Beautiful outfit!

  13. You flower child, you! This look is GREAT. :) I love all the pictures with the dandelions.

    xo Ashley

  14. Such a cute dress. I love how you paired it with the flower headband :)


  15. oh man. thai food sounds SO good right now.
    also, that dress is so cute! paired with that flower crown, it's perfeeeeeccct.!

  16. This dress is so amazing and I really love that you shortened it! It's the perfect length and I can see why you'll be getting more use out of it. She really picked out the perfect gift for you! I know I've mentioned before that I sometimes dream of moving to Colorado but that whole snow in May thing realllllly freaks me out :)

  17. I ADORE the dress shortened like this. It looks so fresh now but still with plenty of vintage charm. And ugh, I hear you about the weather. Northeast PA can be totally manic as well...but we haven't managed to make it into the 80s yet. Keeping my fingers crossed as I'm dying to put on a swimsuit and go to the lake. Really gorgeous pics as always! Are you using a violet filter on them? I love how the tones of the sky are coming out! xo Marisa

  18. Oh i love the dress as well as its color. Very nice. Plus he flower headband adds up to the look. I like it! :)

    Have a great week ahead!

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  19. in the two weeks I lived in Colorado, I think we experienced all the weather possible-- snow, 80's, hail, rain... everything. It was crazy!
    You look so cute! I love that dress. The details are AMAZING.