Mint + Lace

     We're half way there guys. I have been busy working extra hours this week so I can leave early on Friday and have already started to pack for a weekend in the mountains.  I was excited to see the forecast was in the mid 60s there which actually means I could wear long sleeves or a sweater!  This week I have also been getting back into running after work.  And by that I mean I ran Sunday and Monday and then decided to not run last night and eat a whole large frozen pizza instead.  Baby steps!
Outfit Details: Skirt - borrowed from Jenna of Smitten // Bodysuit - Urbanog // Boots -thrifted // 
Sunnies - BCBG Generation // Pyramid Necklace - c/o Oasap

    I was actually reading an article on Refinery 29 last night about a "new" trend called the Healthie.  Basically, instead of the selfie photos on instagram, its taking it to a new level by posting dieting results and workout pictures, etc.  Basically the question behind the article was: is this trend just plain narcissistic or actually inspiring to both you and others?  Personally, I am pretty unfazed by the trend.  I feel like our generation is so used to (over)sharing, its really nothing new.  I have friends on facebook that post daily workout times and always am seeing before and after juice cleanse results on instagram. I think if you are feeling good about your progress and what your doing it is your right to share about it if you want, and if it bothers you seeing it or gets annoying, you should just scroll right on by the post.  Though I don't know if its something I personally would do and I do think there is a tasteful level to be maintained in the sharing department, I do enjoy reading exercise results and detox regimes once in a while on others' blogs!  Hearing about success stories, what works and what doesn't, and people being proud of their bodies doesn't have to make you feel bad about yours.  I usually try to approach it as "take it or leave it".  If you think its inspiring or helpful, take it.  If you think it is annoying (which I agree it totally can be), just scroll on by, skip the like, the heart, or the pin, and go on about your day.  Anyway, just my thoughts, I would love to know what you think!
     On the tangent of fitness and personal appearance, this bodysuit from Urbanog is pretty risque for me! I bought it on a one day flash sale for a really reduced price because I loved the print and thought it would be fun to try something new. R doesn't understand why its a bodysuit and not a swimsuit. I said its because of the material being not fast drying and lined as well, but hey if you want to wear your bodysuit swimming you go for it!  I paired it with this gorgeous lacy skirt I am borrowing from Jenna over at Smitten.  Since it has a comfortable high waisted fit, it was the perfect way to be just the right amount of covered up.  Jenna also just had her birthday yesterday and she has the CUTEST style, so you should definitely stop by her blog to say hello and wish her a happy belated birthday!
Hope you're all having a wonderful week!
xo Hannah
p.s. I am posting over all the Flock Together Blog today and would love if you stopped by to say hello!


  1. LOVE how you styled this skirt, it looks amazing with this bodysuit!! It looks really lovely on you and I love how this bodysuit is a bit different for you. It's awesome and still very you though, thank you for the birthday wishes missy :)
    It's funny I am super into fitness and health but I can't stand seeing people who's entire instagram feeds/fb feeds are completely dedicated to that. I find *a lot* of those people to be doing it in a "showy" way and I'm all about fitness for the sake of health. But I am a weird 24 year old obsessed with my heart health because of bad life experiences haha

    1. Thank you Jenna! I will be sending it back early next week if thats alright with you (I love it so much I was hoping to style it one more time too!)
      I totally understand your point of view to about "Healthies" too. Most of them definitely are really showy and I think they can get annoying as well. That said, I *try* to just pass them by and go about my day if I can't be inspired by them or get any useful health tips since I myself right a blog full of pictures of myself haha!

    2. Sounds good!! No rush on it m'dear!!
      Haha, when you put it like that, totally true ;) I think the motivation behind blogging vs that is just different. I do love me some health tips/exercise posts on pinterest though!

  2. Nice outfit! the skirt is lovely :) Today new post, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  3. First off- cute look. That is definitely a unique look with the bodysuit, but still tasteful for summer :D

    I'm not sure this trend is entirely new- you see stuff like that on Pinterest or Reddit or blogs all the time. BUT the difference I think is that on the three places I mention the reader is looking for such information. The content is filtered by topic not by who is posting it the way both instagram and facebook do. So maybe that makes a difference.

    Weirdly, The Boy and I were just talking about social media trend stuff. He works with high school students and at a meeting with them, most said they hadn't checked FB all summer, (nor do they regularly check email, but I think that is a separate issue of no jobs yet) and he noticed a huge drop off in kids checking their kids non-profit page too. I wonder if as kids grow and FB (or social media in general) becomes something that has just always been there, instead of being a new technology, if that will change how they- and therefore others- interact with it.

  4. That's a really good point on the venue on which you see it making a difference! Facebook and instagram, you don't really have a choice but to look at it because its a feed, but blogs or instagram you make more of a choice to click on the link or search for a certain topic. Reddit on the other hand, I've got absolutely no clue about haha! Thanks Kristian!

  5. love this outfit! that bodysuit is amazing!
    ~niki <3

  6. Girl, you look so hot in this outfit! Love it! I definitely follow a lot of healthy food blogs/instagram accounts, and I've always thought it was inspirational to see a girl's six pack and her super yummy smoothie recipes. But I would never post a nudie pic of my belly even if I was proud of a workout! I just like getting motivated by others!

    Xo, Hannah


  7. I love your thoughts on this healthie thing, esp since i had absolutely not heard of it before. "take the best, leave the rest" is my dad's recent fav quote whenever he gives advice and whatnot to Jonny or me so I love what you said. I can see how it's mostly be motivating for the person posting it, although ya.. some things I def would not want to share, like the actual measurements I just took of my chubbiest belly area to track my weight loss haha. although clearly i'm ok saying that i did that, because i'm a huge advocate for measuring not weighing. so anyway, way to go running! as a former HS cross country runner, i firmly believe that it's bad to run too many days in a row anyway, so glad you enjoyed that pizza. and, I love this bodysuit! also i agree w/ R, it's pitty they didnt make it more waterproof to wear around and swimming. sweet pairing w/ Jenna's lace top!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  8. What a beautiful look, the top is super fun, adore the color! It looks so sweet mixed with lace, you look super feminine!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  9. I love this! It is so cute! I'm the same way with running, I'm so on and off plus carbs are my addiction. I need to get it under control.

    Style Hippie

  10. Whao! Your combination is so cool, you look stunning and very chic.

  11. Love your chic combination of trends, this mint shade is so pretty and cut-out top looks terrific on you.

  12. haha that sounds like an annoying trend. I actually have problems in terms of eating and body image so it just pisses me off more than anything, especially when I see people eating too little or doing crazy fad diets. I know when things can be taken too out of control and so I hate to see others fall victim to that. That, and it's just pretty annoying, and I feel like more of a private thing. It's okay to let your friends know you're trying to eat healthy or something but you don't need to post every kale-infused protein smoothie you suck down. Certain things like that can be triggers for others, and not in healthy manners.

    Okay, I'm rambling sorrysorysorsysrour srory.

    That skirt is precious, by the way. And they match your sunnies so perfectly! Hannah, you are DARLING! :D

  13. I love the way this top looks on you! The color is really great, and I never have a problem with showing some extra skin, haha!
    And the swimsuit I made recently was just straight up jersey, like a Tshirt haha!


  14. Loving the color combinations!


  15. That bodysuit looks so fun and I love how it looks paired with this skirt. I personally get annoyed by people who over share but, like you said, I just unfollow them or hide them from my news feed. No need to get upset about it.

  16. I think your assessment of the healthies thing is spot on!!! Take what you need and leave the rest. 2 young women I used to work with have each lost CLOSE to 100 pounds slowly and surely over the last couple of years. I am so proud of and inspired by them. One puts up great generically inspirational statements on Facebook almost every day and will put pictures of herself finishing a 5k and I LOVE seeing those.

    WOW! LOVE this outfit. The high waistedness of the darling lace skirt is the perfect match with your darling (and risque for you!) bodysuit! I wonder what the bottom of the body suit is like?? Also like the black under your sheer which matches the skirt band and boots!! Way to go, Han!

  17. You're right "healthies" can either be inspiring and tasteful or just totally annoying and showy. It depends on which it is ;) and speaking of running again...I need to start!
    Love this outfit! It is a bit different for you! That's so funny (and typical boy) that R doesn't get the bodysuit thing. This lace skirt of Jenna's is super pretty, I love how you styled it!
    Have so much fun on your trip tomorrow!!!

  18. I think you're absolutely right about that! Love your blog and style! <3 you're lovely


  19. This is the second post today I've seen a cute lace skirt. All the more proof I need to find one just like that. And I love it with the mint. It's such a pretty color.

    And yeah, health nuts on FB & Instagram are annoying. I don't mind hearing about results once in awhile, but constantly? I just do the "scroll on by" thing, like you said haha.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  20. I totally agree with you--everyone shares everything now-a-days. Why not post things that you are proud of? And I am a HUGE believer in "if you don't like it, then don't look at it/read it!!!" No use in complaining about it. Although I've never really heard of this trend, but whateves. People should do what makes them happy. Especially if they are not hurting anyone and it is helping their process! I think your top is really cute and looks adorable with this lace skirt! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!