Wear to Work: Stripes and Florals

I thought it would be fun to start showing a few outfits that I wear into the office.  Summertime is the most challenging season for me to dress appropriately for work.  My office is really laid back, but I still think its important to represent yourself professionally and make an effort on a daily basis.  The difficulty for me is in finding office style that is still "me", yet a bit more conservative then what I would wear on the weekend.
Outfit Details: Skirt - thrifted (from my mom) // Blouse - c/o Persunmall // Sunnies - Zooshoo // 
Heels - BAIT Footwear (won in giveaway)
     I think thrift stores are great for finding a few longer length skirts to wear to work because personally, I don't really want to spend my hard earned cash on office attire.  There are so many cute printed blouses out there nowadays (like this one from Persunmall) that I don't consider them "office attire", but just part of my normal wardrobe I can mix in. Another lazy day office trick I probably use way too often is wearing a pair of black leggings and a cardigan over one of my shorter dresses.  I think leggings are only really office appropriate if your whole bottom is covered, and it also allows me to get to wear some of my favorite dresses to work.
     Now that I have bored myself silly talking about work attire, I should get back to actually working.  What do you wear to work every day? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make your normal wardrobe more office appropriate?
Have a great day!
xo Hannah
p.s. Please note: I did not wear my flower embellished sunnies while sitting at my desk at work and my office is not actually in a prairie. These were taken after work ;)


  1. So currently I'm not working in an office, so as long as my feet/shoulders are covered, I'm good. I've done a few internships where I had to dress business-y, and although I would have loved to get an entire wardrobe at J.Crew, that was not possible.

    I would say invest in one no-fail, dressy pencil skirt (probs black or navy). You could literally pair that with any top in your wardrobe, even a t-shirt can be dressed up and transformed into business wear! That being said, I'm sure you have a couple of fancy skirts in your closet already, try dressing them down with a more casual top (like this one!)

    perfectly priya

  2. I work in a school which is an environment I wouldn't call "laidback" exactly, but it isn't quite office attire. It is more casual but also very conservative because you are around kids. Most schools have a no jeans rule (or a "wear jeans with the school's shirt on Fridays" rule or, once, the school raised money by having teachers pay $20 to be able to wear jeans on Fridays!), but other than that I try to follow the school's dress code for kids- things like no sleeveless items. Also, things that one can move in to keep up with kids- no pendants because they will whack kids in the head when you lean over to look at their work, or no high heels when on recess duty.

    I like the way you are very you with this but still conservative enough for an office. However, I thought you were doing your etsy shop full time?

    1. Thank Kristian! I don't think I ever knew you worked in a school! I still am working at an Environmental Consulting firm, but my job is project-based. When the project ends in a month or two then I am going to transition to my etsy shop full time to see how that goes! :)

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  4. I love to see work outfits at the moment since its really relevant to me having recently started full time work. I tend to wear my usual outfits but often in darker tones if in doubt. Mostly I'm lucky and still be myself when it comes to work clothes. You're outfit here is perfect, definitely something I'd love to wear to work. Beautiful beautiful top!

  5. I can't even imagine trying to dress for an office type job, I think that would frustrate me. But the way you styled this look is so perfect, I love that it brings in your personality and is so fun while still workplace appropriate

  6. I love the mix of prints, I never think to do this but it looks really nice! And how cute are your sunnies?! They go perfectly with your blouse. I work from home, so I wear what I like, all the time... I think that has something to do with why I dress so young and girly at twenty-four! Haha. I like your work outfit though, it has just the right amount of personality and colour while maintaining a mature feel, I love it!

  7. Well, as of now I'm not woooorking (though I do have a pool job over the summer where we wear our special pool T-shirts!!) so I can't help you much on that. ;) But gosh, I bet you're the cutest one at your work! Florals upon florals, oh my! I'm adoring those cute sunnies yet again and your stripe x floral combo is sweet. <3

  8. I love that your sunglasses match your blouse and shoes :) I've been buying a lot of office attire at thrift/vintage stores too. I usually find cute maxi skirts and then have them hemmed to the perfect length. I like to look very put together for work and wearing fun blazers with my outfits has definitely helped take my professional look up a notch. I also love to wear collared shirts and dresses. They make me feel powerful for some reason haha.

  9. This is such a cute combo. I wish my office was laid back.. my boss doesn't believe in open toed shoes or bare legs, even in the summer, we have to be super "classy" looking all the time, blergh. -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  10. This is such a fun outfit and you still look very professional! Love how you're styling your Bait shoes :) I worked as a barista at a cafe this summer and I always dressed up in lipstick and cute tops while most of my coworkers were super casual. I got a lot of compliments on my outfits from customers, so since then I've always thought that being fashionable at work is a good thing!

    Xo, Hannah


  11. It really is SO hard to find work appropriate clothes in the summer. This is cute!

  12. I love this! Even though I'm lucky enough to still be working on campus (and going into an industry where creative dressing is encouraged), I always wonder how some of you with "big girl" jobs dress for the office. These are great tips and some good insight into your life! LOVE this blouse too! I'm so excited to get my Persunmall package :D

  13. I think this is a fun post because walking that tightrope can be tricky! i think this is a fun look especially since you mixed florals and stripes :) i work from home so i wear...sweat pants. MUAHAHA

    xo marlen
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  14. The accessories in your outfit are killer! I love the sunglasses, they're so cute and fun!

    I wish I could give you advice on how to make your wardrobe more work appropriate but I wear pretty much pajamas to work haha!



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  15. I love this- such a fun spin on office wear. I bet you are the best dressed in that place :) I recently started my first office job ever and it's a casual place but it's been really fun to put together outfits in a way I never have before (I always had to put comfortable shoes as my priority in the past...) Fun blouse!