A Weekend in Vail

Just wanted to share a few photos from my weekend in Vail! Or maybe a little more than a few, whoops! This is probably my last real weekend getaway of the summer, but with a lot of big changes coming up for me in the near future, it will be good to stay put for a little bit and get all my ducks in a row! (By the way, I just had to ask R what the "ducks in a row" saying was, as all I could think of in my mind was putting eggs in a row.  I am notorious for making up my own sayings that are slightly "different" than the original version (read: wrong)).
Outfit Details: Green jumper & bag - vintage // Top & Boots - thrifted // Sunnies - Target

     Anyway. Can't you just feel the fresh mountain air? Vail is only about a two hour drive West into the Rockies from where I live, yet I haven't actually been since I came to Colorado with my family in high school.  As I said in Monday's post, its mainly a ski town designed to look like a European village but its super pretty in summer as well! All of the gorgeous buildings have flower boxes out and we just walked around the cobblestone streets taking pictures and exploring.  We veered off the main street for awhile to oggle the amazing houses in a nearby neighborhood too, which was probably my favorite part!  The fourth pic from the bottom is my dream home, just in case, ya know, someone wants to get it for me.
      Sorry for the photo overload, this is as far as I could narrow it down because its just such a picturesque place.  I hope you're all having a great week! Also, if I can pry this emerald green vintage jumper from my own wanting hands, you should be seeing it in the shop soon!
xo Hannah


  1. I am really sad I never made it into the mountains this summer, it's only a 3-4 hour drive but i always have to get someone else to drive because my poor car won't make it.
    These photos are so gorgeous, I definitely can feel the mountain air just looking at them!! You look adorable in that striped sweater under the green dress. Perfect combination!

  2. Oh, this place is just gorgeous and quaint and fun. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow what a fabulous place to visit! It looks gorgeous. And the town looks so cute!! I've never been there, but it is definitely on my list of places I would like to visit.


  4. This place is amazing and these pictures are great. I really like your outfit. Very nice combo.


  5. such stunning photos! looks so beautiful!

  6. Ok I want to move to Vail already! Colorado mountain towns really put our PA mountain towns to shame...haha. As much as I hate cold weather - I really think I could be quite happy there.

    Of course I am all swooning up over your dress - and no lie, I was hunting out emerald green jumper style dresses just like this today before reading your post. If you do decide to stick it in your shop - please shoot me an email b/c I will surely snag it up - assuming it's my size :-)

    Happy hump day Hannah! xoxo Marisa

  7. It looks like you and your man had such a sweet little getaway to Vail! I love your green jumper, so perfect for fall!

    Xo, Hannah


  8. absolutely stunning :) come check out my latest post :)

  9. Oh wow, nice trip!
    I love your dark green jumper over the striped top, its such a perfect fall outfit :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. I just found your blog and I love the style and the forest green dress on you. Vail looks incredible and I would love to visit there one day. Very cute styling over the striped top


  11. Hahaha, I love that you have to remember the "correct versions" of sayings. I feel like I'm looking up how to use certain phrases and words almost all the time...

    Oooh, the green of your jumper is just beautiful! You're very forest-y, here, Hannah, and gosh your trip pictures are excellent. Look at all that beautiful greenery!

  12. This place is so dreamy, you're right, it does look like a little European village. Your jumper is beautiful and fits the scene wonderfully, and that shade of green looks great on you!

  13. Man I love that little emerald pinafore on you! Looks great!


  14. Cute dress! It looks great on you. I hope I can find something like that for this fall. Any suggestions?
    Hugs & Kisses,

  15. Beautiful photos! The flowers are so pretty and I do love the color green.

  16. These photos are seriously amazing and this town looks super adorable. I can't believe how green everything is. And speaking of green, that is the cutest jumper I have ever seen. You look awesome :)

  17. Lovely photos xxx

  18. aaah R made an appearance, so cute!! this looks like an absolute dream getaway Hannah! if you'd told me you zipped of to the alps or something i'd totally have believed you. so glad you two got a little vacation away together, & love your sayings made up, I totally do that too, but a few years ago for a few years my mom taught an ESL class and we learned where a lot of idioms come from, kind of interesting but anyway, certainly glad to see lots of pics here - so gorgeous! and i love your little green jumper, so sweet!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  19. great post! you look fantastic and that's a great place for pics!

  20. oh wow, that looks like such a cute, fun weekend away! and i love your green pinafore, it looks great on you and i really haven't seen any green ones around either.

    little henry lee

  21. So pretty! Love the deep forest green of your jumper with that setting!

  22. oh that´s so absolutely amazing, the landscape there looks very similar to where i live here in austria;) and i love your green dress!

  23. Such a cute outfit and town! So glad I stumbled across your blog that I certainly will be following as of now.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  24. It looks like you had a great time & what a charming little town! You'll have to go back when there's some snow on the ground & take more pictures! I love your blog & am so happy you found me! I will be following you & your adventures :)