Nautical Nature

Going back to work after a holiday weekend, ugh!  Sometimes five days seems so daunting.  I am finally settling in nicely to my new place though and had a great weekend, so I shouldn't be whining.
Outfit Details: Dress - Vintage, Tea and Tulips // Sandals - B.C. Footwear // Scarf - Vintage

     After spending the day at the pool at R's place yesterday, we headed back to my place downtown and I made fish tacos for dinner- so good! We then went for a walk around my new neighborhood and found some awesome little hiking trails a few blocks down, which was an exciting discovery.  I have been feeling a bit lazy lately, eating lots of junk food and avoiding physical activity at all costs, so it would be nice to get back into a good routine and I think finding fun little hikes to do right out my back door would be a great place to start!
     Anyway, this was another little nautical outfit I donned last week in the spirit of the 4th.  The romper I got last year from Steffy's vintage shop Tea and Tulips and its perfect for any patriotic holiday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, what did you do?
xo Hannah


  1. This is so cute! I love how the red sandals complement the blue and white stripes!

  2. I love this dress, the nautical feel to it is so wonderful. And what a gorgeous backdrop, so jealous!!
    It's hard when you change up your routine to get back into it

  3. oh I love her shop Tea and Tulips! your romper is yet another cute pick from it. absolutely love the stripes and the cute hair bow! :)

    love your style btw. following you now! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. AHH this dress looks so pretty on you!


  5. ooo, that dress is adorable! I love the pop of red in your shoes, too!


  6. What a cuuuute dress! Another vintage piece gone completely right! I adore the buttons down the front and that high neckline. And how the skirt part has a little bit of a flare. Details, man!

    Good luck getting through the workweek!! ;) I'm sure that with how cute you dress all the time you'll get through it splendidly. Is splendidly a word? Apparently it is!

  7. Ah you are so cute! My boyfriend is actually really obsessed with nautical style- He loves to sail and wants to own a house on Cape Cod, and this year he began collecting vintage replicas of ships! He's definitely influenced me to wear more stripes and navy blue, so naturally I'm loving your look! Gorgeous as always.

    Xo, Hannah


  8. I am such an organization freak that I cannot REST until I'm all settled after a move!

    I also just explored a greenway behind my new house, nothing like a little added convenience to help convince you to exercise, right?

    The scarf and pops of red are so lovely with this look! And omg, that blue sky and background, Colorado looks incredible!!!

    perfectly priya

  9. This dress is adorable!! And I just can't get enough of those shoes!


  10. Gah - do I ever love this look Hannah! Somehow I vaguely remember Steffy wearing this dress in a post and totally swooning over it then as well. You know me - anything nautical makes my heart skip a beat..hehe. I hear you about going back to work after a holiday...always the pits. Hang in there doll - we're half way through the week :-) Happy settling into your new place!

    xoxo Marisa

  11. Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
    What a gorgeous outfit, I love the dress so much. I never get tired of nautical themed outfits! And you are so pretty in these photos!

    Have a fantastic day,

  12. It's always so fun settling into a new place and exploring a new neighborhood. Your dress is very cute!

  13. When I see this dress and realize it's the same one you sent me I am amazed. It's SO cute on you. I should have taken a picture on me, I looked so SILLY because i'm so damn short.

    Fish tacos sound really yummy. I don't cook with fish much, and I'm starting tonigth :D

  14. Loving that Colorado sky and this dress like the sky made into clothing. Gorgeous on you.