Insta-Life {July Edition}

Sorry for the short absence, I've been bit busy working and trying to enjoy summer! I do have some pictures to share from camping this past weekend, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite instagram snaps from July! New notebooks are my favorite! I got these from Amazon from Rifle Paper Co. One of the first areas I set up in my new apartment! Heading out for a Saturday morning brunch Hanging out at a food truck party! Shipping out some summery orders The view from inside our tent this weekend! Hanging out in comfy clothes after setting up our tent the first night

For all of you guys interested, you can now embed pictures from your online instagram account. As usual, I am late to the tech party so this was news to me! All you have to do is go into your account (mine is here), click on the photo you want, click on the little "..." at the bottom, and select embed. From there you can just copy and paste the code into a blogger draft, but make sure you are working in the html tab, not the regular compose tab. Its a super easy way to post some of your instagram shots in a blog post without having to save each individual image and then upload them. Hope that helps! Will be back shortly with some real camping pictures! xo Hannah


  1. Great photos! Loving the hat and comfy clothes outfit :)

    <3 Megan

  2. oh those pictures are really lovely!

  3. Great shots lady!! I need a drink cart, that'd be awesome. And you look so cute camping!!

  4. i love your little drink station, how cute! ah, i hope you had so much fun camping (and you look great as well!)

    lindsey louise


  5. Whaaat? Good to know! I love seeing IG updates on blogs because sometimes pics slip through the cracks. You make a darn, cute camper!