A Day on the Farm, Hawaii

Something a little bit different.  I know most of you stop by looking for pretty outfits and chit-chat about fashion, but I want to start sharing a few more photography posts about my adventures as well!  These are a few pictures I took back in December when I was on the Big Island in Hawaii.  My Aunt recently moved to a farm where she now works in the hills above Kona and we stayed over for a night- it was amazing!

     We ate what was in season for lunch and dinner, sometimes right off the tree! We had fresh oranges macadamia nuts, lettuce, and my favorite, avocado! The people you see in the pictures are my family (my Dad, Mom, and brother Noah are in the orange picking one).  And guess what, there were pygmy goats that my aunt takes care of now! Their names were Panda and Elfin and they could not have been cuter!  I offered to photograph the farm for my aunt for Christmas and make an online album she could share with family back home.  Anyway, I know its not what you usually find here, but I thought I would share these few pictures from the album and hopefully you guys still think its pretty and interesting! I promise an actual outfit next time!
Hope you're having a wonderful week, I only have three more days left of my 12 day work streak!
xo Hannah


  1. What a treat, to have family in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Sue xo

  2. This is torture to look at right now...haha we're still stuck in the 30's here in Idaho! I love these photos from Hawaii though, they're gorgeous and make me want to travel all over again. Thanks for sharing :D

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love these pics. You're a lucky girl.


  4. Fantastic day. The parrots are so cute.
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    Thank you.

  5. Loved this post! Adorable animals. Look forward to seeing more of your adventures :)

  6. Beautiful post! Sounds like an amazing place. I love eating fruit and veggies that I watched come from the earth <3

  7. This looks so lovely! It's always been one of my dreams to visit Hawaii. Must be so beautiful!

  8. haha cute photos! those parrots are so funny, it looks like they're having a formal meal and talking about their day

  9. Ooh...I l-o-v-e-d those pics! Great post. Those goats were so adorable and looked positively delighted. :)

  10. I love all of these pictures! How lovely. This looks like such a fun little giveaway. xx. McKenna Lou
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  11. i love these adventure posts!! what an amazing opportunity to visit a farm in hawaii! :)

  12. wow! great pics!




  13. Oh I love the nature shots! Everything is so lovely to look at-I'm sure it was lovely to eat as well, fresh fruit is always so much better than what one can find in a store. And the goats are darling!! haha. My sister got some goats recently too and they are the funniest creatures.

  14. Oh how perfect this looks! Keep sharing your photos of your adventures - I love them! This one makes me want to buy a ticket to Hawaii like now.

  15. Yes to adventure posts :D! I enjoyed this one so much. Great photos! The animals are sooo cute :)

    <3 Megan

  16. Those goats are sooooooo adorable! I'm melting at the sight of them. =)

    All of your photographs are so bright and uplifting. You've made me want to pack my bags & get myself a one way ticket to Hawaii


  17. i'm sure you wouldnt be surprised to hear that this is one of my fav posts bcuz i love mixing in beautiful places/things along w/ outfits as well so i'm super glad you shared! that sounds like a dream eating right off of the tree and the pygmy goats are too adorable! do you have other family than your aunt who lives there? any family who is a professor at ASU? i had a science teacher whose parents co-lead the class and lived in Hawaii and i think had your last name but I guess a lot of people do. anyway, again these were GORGEOUS!!