Hi guys! I hope you had a good weekend, and if you have today off- LUCKY!  I wish! But that's okay, I have the whole entire office to myself and R may bring me lunch so it won't be too bad!
 Outfit Details:
Boots: Bamboo via Beyond the Rack
Hat: Nixon via Swell
Vest: Tribal Vest from Taiwan
Fish purse: gift from Mom, Taiwan
Socks: Target
    So this is my first outfit post since being back in Colorado, and I feel like if you flip from the last few posts to this one it feels like you are basically time traveling.  I feel like a Yodeler from the Swiss Alps and perhaps went a little winter-layering crazy after returning from a tropical climate.  I tried to channel a "winter in Sweden" look as we were heading off to Ikea on this day when the temperature was approaching the negatives!  Both the fishy purse and red tribal vest are gifts my mom brought back for me when traveling in Taiwan this summer!
     Also, make sure to keep an eye on the shop this week! If you follow be on instagram (@ braidedbandit) you saw that I worked most of the weekend on getting things ready for a Valentine's Day shop update! Happy Martin Luther King and Inauguration Day to you, and cheers to following your own dreams!
xo Hannah


  1. I love your yodeling outfit Hannah! That hat is adorable and for some reason reminds me of "Swiss Miss" - though I don't think she wore a hat, but if she did, it would look like this :-) Every last detail in your outfit is so perfect as is the background! Happy Monday darling! xo Marisa

  2. love the layers! welcome home to the snow and looking forward to the colorful shop updates!

  3. Love the look!

  4. haha, yes, quite the change in your photos from the last few posts! You look so adorable here though-it's impossible not to in that hat! I love all the color and pattern mixing too. Plus your boots are amazing, I love that they are colorblocked. Stay warm girl!

  5. I love this outfit! You look so pretty.

  6. Ooo i like the time travelling look, also knnown as your swiss alps look haha ! it looks super amazing. it's busy and i feel like it shouldn't work but it works so friggen perfectly. i feel like i should do a little bow down slash hail to you, and i want yo to know i just did it haha. Also, it seems i need to go to taiwan to get that purse- so cute!

    and you're lucky you're the only one in the office today, i love those days!

    aaaand to answer your question, i always box dyed my hair red. i have naturally very dark brown and it always picked up my roots perfectly and turned out like the box. i really can't see any way that it'd go wrong with blonde. just one cautionary tale- if you decide to go like natural irish red then i'd go to the salon. i tried doing that at home and it turned out waaay too bright since it was such an intense color. but if you want to do like strawberry blonde, or auburn, or just a normal kind of red i always had then it's safe :)

  7. C-UTE boots!! I love those so much. I really want a pair. Happy Martin Luther King Day!! xx. McKenna Lou

  8. You got some color in Hawai- you are looking great! Really refreshed and good :)!
    I had a day off and celebrated my first MLK day (we do not have that in Germany). I loved it :)

  9. Definitely more wintery than Hawaii but same cute style.

  10. I love your boots and that fish purse! So awesome! I always enjoy when I'm the only one in the office. HAHAHA It's like a free day!

  11. Haha, aw man, you and me both are flipping from summer heat to winter cold all of a sudden!
    I love your hat, but most especially those boots <3

    Trendy Teal

  12. I love how you've explored using multiple patterns. That beanie is the cutest :D


  13. Another gorgeous look - love the mix of patterns and colours xo

  14. oh oh oh! i got so happy when i saw this post! i love all of the boldness of color here and the mixing of patterns! you look so cute!

    lindsey louise


  15. I love your colors and they look so great with the snowy backdrop! That hat is so, so cute. Sorry you didn't get the day off but at least it seems like it was a mellow workday having the office to yourself :) Another cute ensemble, lady!!

  16. Welcome back home. I hope you had a great time in Hawaii. Quite the transition from enjoying the warmth and the sun. Glad you are safe and sound.


  17. welcome home lovely! arent you just the cutest! i hope youre not feeling too cold after being in such warm climates :)xx

  18. Such a difference between this look and your dress in the last post. Hope you stay warm!

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    1. Wow that is a lot of stripes and plaid but it works!

      Ali of:


  19. you look so comfy in this outfit!! :) great photos!

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  20. Hanna,
    this is too cute! I love the whole outfit...it's so fun and comfy.

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