Turtle Bay

Well, it feels like a cruel joke still having about a weeks worth of Hawai'i pictures left to post since it is all of FIVE degrees here in Colorado today! R and I tried to go on a snowy walk this weekend to get out of the house a bit, and it was so cold and miserable we only made it around the block.  I will be looking into affordable gym memberships today because burritos and leftover holiday chocolates are not a great mix with sitting on the couch.
Outfit Details
Dress: f21/ thrifted
Sandals: Reef
      On to actual nice things to talk about, like the beach!  These photos were taken on Oahu near the grounds of the Turtle Bay resort.  Have you guys seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Yup, its that hotel! I know R and my brother were hoping Mila Kunis would be greeting us at the front desk! We stayed there when I was younger, but we were just visiting for the day to do a little hike along the coastline this time.  It obviously was not a strenuous hike, as I was wearing a ruffled dress and my trusty reef flip flops, but it was a beautiful mixture of forest trails and sandy beaches. Let's just say that with the amount of layers I am wearing right now, I'm sure going to miss being able to only have to write two items in the "what I'm wearing" section! Stay warm and have a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. It's SO beautiful there! I hope looking through your pics helps you get through your cold days! I always feel like winter should end with the holidays- it sort of loses it's charm after that :)

  2. NICE! I love that movie and I remember the hotel being gorgeous! Love your dress and beautiful photos :)

  3. hawaii is so beautiful! i'm going to have to look at your other posts. i've always wanted to go. i love the dress you're wearing. it's such a fabulous print. so sorry for the downton spoiler. thanks for stopping by my blog. i adore yours! i'm kim!

  4. these are awesome awesome! love the dress too!

  5. Well, at least you were able to enjoy your holiday, Hawaii is always so stunning. Your printed floral dress is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photos. /Madison

  6. What a beautiful dress, and that scenery is to die for!! I need a vacation! xx. McKenna Lou

  7. Beautiful dress and gorgeous scenery! Makes me miss Hawaii so much! I love turtle bay! Did you see any sea turtles? That's always such a cool experience :) and the weathers about the same here. Yuck. So done with it!

  8. These photos make me long for the sun so badly!

  9. Beautiful location for these pics! They're all lovely.


  10. what a wonderful time! It looks stunning, as do you my dear friend, pretty in florals xx

  11. You are absolutely radiating sunshine - Hawaii suits you well, my friend. Whenever I get back from a trip (especially if it's returning from a warm spot back to cold), I almost can't believe it - like, I was there? There were waves outside my door? Sand in my toes? And I just want to go BACK! :) I really wish I would have thought ahead and booked something for this winter! I need some sunshine!

  12. Sigh...still jealous. That's so awesome that you were at the Forgetting Sarah Marshall hotel! I love that movie and just about anything Jason Segal does. And of course, you look perfect for the beach in this fun dress.

  13. Oh that is cruel! I'm so bad at living in cold weather and anytime I vacay in some place warm during these months, I am a bag of misery returning home. Hawaii truly looks stunning Hannah! What a perfect time it must have been for you...and a nice little escape from the cold. Between the beach and all that lush plantation, I think I'd be in heaven. Of course you look gorgeous and that dress is perfection as well! Stay warm darling gal :-) xo Marisa

  14. Your dress is adorable and these pictures are adventurous. Looks like an amazing getaway!


  15. Turtle Bay is gorgeous! I love that summery dress, it really makes me wish for the warm weather...



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. You would look AWESOME with red hair!

  16. cute!

    xo Jennifer


  17. Brrr, that had to have been a shock coming back home from such beautiful weather to the cold like that! (We went to mexico during feb once and it was horrible coming back home, it was -20 below and all of the pipes had frozen and broken. It was such a shock going from 85 degrees to the -20 below.) I hope you're getting use to the cold again, it's always really cool to see how other cold climate bloggers are able to put their outfits together.
    I am jealous of your photos, it looks so warm and sunny there! (Aahhhh, sunshine.) What a completely gorgeous place and I love your little sundress.

  18. Were there lots of turtles at turtle bay haha? I wish my hair looked that good at the beach!!

  19. Ha! I think I'm going to be in the same boat here in about 24 hours...we're flying back from the Philippines tonight and my dad e-mailed me telling me how snow would be waiting...ugh.
    Ah well, looks like you've had an amazing trip! Ahhh, such beautiful beaches to be found in Hawaii, huh?

    Trendy Teal

  20. Every time I watch that movie, I want to go to Hawaii! I've never been but it looks so gorgeous. It's always hard going to a tropical vacation and then coming home to the freezing cold!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  21. ah, summer on the beach.. making me miss this! i went to hawaii once when i was younger, such a pretty location! so much bright florals.. i normally dislike summer, but you make it look so cute!

    lindsey louise


  22. Your photos are lovely. I've never been to a real tropical beach in my life. I am ever envious. My close friend recently moved to Miami from our home in Kansas. I'm hoping to visit her this year :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It means a lot.

  23. BAHHH TAKE ME WITH YOU! I love this! Goodness this place is so beautiful

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  24. I didn't know that movie was shot in Hawaii. Crazy! Loving your floral dress - can't wait to see more from your Hawaii trip, it looks beautiful there x

  25. 5 degrees??!?! that is insane. hope it gets warmer in colorado. these pictures are amazing! would love to go back to hawaii soon :)

  26. wooow you look so beautiful and happy that you almost glow from the inside darling! i´m jelous you are on that beach, here it doesn´t stop to snow and it is freezing cold :(

  27. Love the fit & print on this dress, what a great lookin' trip! Guess we'll just have to settle for your dreamy mountain photos from now on :)

    <3 Megan

  28. Oh man. I wish I could be in Hawaii right now. It looks like such a nice getaway. That dress is adorable by the way!!

  29. Lovely dress <3 I really love the colors.


  30. Ah, you're killing me with these pictures. We've reached above freezing like twice since Christmas. I can feel the warmth from these pictures and it's making me so jealous.

  31. I love this- a fun adventure and a fun dress. So much nicer than the single digits we've been getting!