Floral Tapestry

I don't like the beginning of a Wednesday, but I do like the end of one!  The end of a Wednesday means you have surpassed that half way point of the work week, and only two easy-peasy days left to go.  I have been busy working pretty vintage dresses for the shop after work each day, which does not leave time for much else! Do any of you readers have am Etsy shop or sell elsewhere online?  I am beginning to get a bit disheartened because sales are SO slow right now.  I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same experience! Granted, I did just take a three week break from the shop so it had not been updated in awhile, but I figured it may just be a post-Christmas shopping lag.  What do you guys think!? I'm hoping for a valentines day shopping resurgence!
Outfit Details
Floral Blazer: Gift from Marlen
Lilac Dress: c/o American Apparel
Headband: Gift from mom
Booties: Blowfish (won in a giveaway from The Clothes Horse!)

     So, this outfit is from before my trip, but I realized I never posted these on here! This year, my friends and co-bloggers over at Flock Together did a surprise Secret Santa clothing gift exchange.  My santa was the amazing Marlen from Messages on a Napkin and she sent me this beautiful tapestry blazer.  She nailed my style to a T sending me a vintage floral piece, and to top it off, its so comfy I was tempted to sleep in it the first day it arrived! There are so many pretty colors on it that it was hard deciding which I wanted to mix with it, but I decided on a lilac pastel because I think pastels are refreshing during the cold dreary winter months!
     Anyway, thanks again Marlen for my beautiful gift, and hope you all are having a great day!
xo Hannah


  1. It's a very romantic dress. I like it.


  2. Love love love this! Those booties are amazing.
    Nothing but a Pigeon

  3. What a pretty dress! I love those booties too. And yes, the end of a Wednesday is definitely brighter than the beginning :)

  4. I would imagine the shopping would be slowed after Christmas, but I'm sure it will pick up again soon! Sounds like you work hard to make your shop awesome :) Love the blazer! She did a good job picking that for you, it looks great with your dress...and I am in love with your boots! I bet they go with everything and look just amazing. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  5. I think once any sale madness is over, everything goes quiet for a while...and then picks up again when people are really over Christmas!

    Love that outfit - the boots and the feather in your hair really set it off nicely :)

  6. That coat is so stylish...I love it with the lilac dress!

  7. Hattitude Style Blog

    ooo i love love this floral jacket! i thought it was for sale in your store and was immediately going to go buy it! that marlen has the best stuff!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  8. This floral jacket is ammmmazing!! I love the way you styled it with this dress, such a lovely combination :)

  9. GORGEOUS! I love this. One of my favorite outfits of yours

  10. I love your tights! The color and pattern are perfect. xx. McKenna Lou

  11. LOVE those booties! And how awesome that you won them. :)
    Catherine Denton

  12. OHmygosh that bitter bar place you sent me! IT LOOKS AMAZING! Duck confit poppers?!? Say what?! I am so jealous... I wanna go...but it's realllyyy far away. If I am ever over by you though, I'm picking you up and we're going!

    Those booties are SO cute. I have been wanting a pair of blowfish shoes lately, I might visit their website too much! And the floral blazer is amazing on you! The colors are beatiful with your skin tone.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails// fawn pendant giveaway

  13. What a great location! Love the tights & boots, oh my!!

    <3 Megan

  14. I just love your blog. Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know. XOXO


  15. Dear Hannah, thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. I like my glasses, too, and this is very important for me, because I have to wear them daily ...

    I like your blog and your outfit including the great location of today of this cause I´m your newest follower! Maybe you wanna follow me back?

    xxx Rena


  16. love that dress and your jacket is gorgeous! i have an etsy shop and my last sale was in december. lol of course i don't have much on it now. things were so slow that i placed them on eBay. they sold, but it took some time. hang in there.

  17. That's the second experienced Etsy seller I've heard say sales are slow. Guess I picked a bad time to launch my shop? I'm worried I'll never have a sale!


  18. You look so cute, as always. And, every time I start to complain about the slowness of my shop (and questioning if it's all worth it, etc.), I have a sale. Happens every time. I have had a fair amount of traffic, but not a lot of purchases, so do not feel alone darlin! People are keeping to their new year's resolutions and saving those pennies! Happy Wednesday! xo

  19. you have a lovely chic and soft style! i am so excited to follow your blog. i hope you follow back so we can stay in touch! :) xoxo

    In response to Etsy, I love Etsy. However, I have been following a few other bloggers who say their sales have been SO slow as well. Some of them are even closing down. I think it's just the economy. However, if you advertise your site well I think you could get your stuff out there! Would you like to place a little advertisement on my site for free?! Id love to help a fellow blogger out! :) xoxo

  20. Im sorry to hear sales are slow. Idk what to tell you since I have no experience in that area... Hopefully things pick up soon! I absolutely love that blazer! Marlen has amazing taste! And its perfect paired with pastels

  21. Ah, LOVE this blazer Marlen picked out for you! This outfit is winter loveliness Hannah! I always love when I see someone work a pastel .... or seemingly summer dress into a gorgeous winter outfit.

    Don't fret about the slow sales. Every seller has slumps...for some reason mine was in November and I felt the same way. I think people buy less in really cold weather too...I used to hear that all the time when I worked retail. You have done so well will your shop that it is certain that sales will pick up again - especially as we get out of these awful winter months. Chin up lovely lady :-)

  22. A GORGEOUS blazer Marlen got for you!

    I hope the shop picks up, but would not be surprised if sales are just slower in January.

  23. Lovely outfit! I really like those tights! I will check out your shop right now! As I am living in the US now I would be able to buy something :)


  24. Love, love, love!!!

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  25. Beautiful outfit :)
    I don't own any etsy shop , but I shop from there. It's so bad that mostly etsy shops ship so late :(

    Aree With Umbrella

  26. aw no, that stinks your sales are slow :( i bet there'll be a Valentine's surge when girls are looking for date dresses! and yaaayy your present!! I love seeing how you style this, and i think pairing it with a pastel was a very cute idea. The colors blend together and set each other off all at the same time. And i LOVE your pictures, that barn setting is so pretty.

    Also- fleece tights?! How have I never heard of this. Where can one buy a pair?

    Double also- how did you get American Apparel as a sponsor? I wanna get in on that haha

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  27. This dress is such a beautiful color! I agree with Marlen, how did you get free AA? That's not usual! I hope your sales pick up :( I bet it's hard being a vintage seller with so many others out there/bad economy. I hope it picks up. I feel like more people want pretty dresses in the spring/summer anyways. Also I love that blazer on you.

  28. Marlen did such an amazing job, this blazer seriously looks like it was made for you. She nailed it. I keep forgetting to tell you, FINALLY ordered a pair of fleece lined tights! They'll be here soon and I cannot wait. I checked TJ Maxx and Marshalls by me like you suggested, but no luck :( Also, I'm with Marlen and Jessica- I've always wondered, free AA??

  29. Omgsh, totally jealous! Marlen picked out the PERFECT blazer for you! :D
    I love that floral tapestry print so much. Also, your boots. They're wonderful <3

    Enter to win an $80 voucher to MsDressy!
    Trendy Teal

  30. oh goodness I don't even know what to say about the shop because mine is always very slow, but I also know if I were on Etsy that would prob boost sales a lot & if i had more time to work on promotion and such but working 42 hour work weeks & 12 credits is just too crazy as it is. but anyway, i'd think it's a christmas lag, people spent all their money on gifts. now, I LOVE that blazer from Marlen & extra love it w/ that dress. that scenery is stunning, the second picture is like a postcard & I LOVE the one of you w/ the drawer lid (or something else) down, you look so pretty! was this an abandoned house?

  31. I love the print on the blazer and the dress!

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