The Winter Farm

Hello hello.
    Colorado is currently blanketed in a beautiful layer of white which I would love to be playing in (followed by a nice Irish coffee).  I am however, stuck at work and will be doing neither, but that's alright, because only three more days of this until vacation starts!
     I wore this outfit to my office's holiday party last night, which was full of yummy Mediterranean tapas.  Marisa from Shades of Monet kindly let me borrow this dress and it has by far the sweetest little collar I have ever laid eyes on.  I actually ordered a similar dress right after receiving it because I love it so much!

Outfit Details: Dress: borrowed from Marisa! // Sweater: thrifted // 
Shoes: vintage/ thrifted // Tights: Target

Marisa of wore her lovely dress to a wedding and looked gorgeous! I am swooning over her styling with the beautiful vintage hat and polka dot tights! You can see the rest of her post here!
     I have had such a great time raiding the closets of the other girls from our swap group and cooperative blog, Flock Together! I actually just clicked over there to check out today's post and it happens to be Marisa wearing MY sweater while playing with her band, hooray! She is seriously the cutest! If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it because you get to see so many different styles and remixes from gals all over the United States, and there is new content almost every day! Stay tuned for a fun Secret Santa post on Christmas Eve! You can also like Flock together on Facebook or follow along on twitter for updates!
Cheers & Warm Wishes!
xo Hannah


  1. I love the black, white, and red combo. You look so cute! And Marissa is just adorable in that outfit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I adore Marissa and I love, love, love that dress! :)

  3. Oh too funny Hannah - I just saw this pop up on feed and I had no idea this was actually my dress! I really love how you casualed (not really a word) it up. Very clever because it's one of my favorite dresses but I rarely get wear out of it because it is more on the fancy schmancy side. I will HAVE to try putting a pullover over it now! This reminds me so much of a Dr. Seuss or even a Tim Burton character - please please take that as a compliment - Dr. Seuss & Tim Burton are my favorites :) The stripes rock and...really you are a doll! Oh and soooo hilarious that we both posted one another's swaps on the same day...haha...great minds I guess :) Have an amazing time on your vacation lady!! xoxo Marisa

  4. Your outfit is so cute! I love the beaded collar and the green shoes...so unique! And Marissa's dress is so pretty with the polka dot tights with red heels...I love it!

  5. That's so cute how you both put up posts with your swaps! And I'd never guess that was the same dress! Layering a sweater over the fancy little number really made that collar pop, and I kind of want to jump on the bandwagon and order one like that too...Is it too late to update my Christmas Wish List?

    And i LOVE the background of your pictures today, it fit the mood of that outfit so perfectly. And yay for vacation!! Have fun in Hawaii!! (So jelly)

  6. I love both stylings! SO so cute!

  7. Seriously the cutest collar ever. And Flock Together has been awesome - I feel like I participate the least, I'm amazed at how much you guys are able to swap! Everytime I try and ship something something goes terribly wrong it seems. The dress here is so different on you than on MArisa - it's really cool how both stylings make it a different piece to me. And I LOVE this location! How pretty

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. Oh, I love the green shoes!

    - October

  9. I love your dress!! The colored tights and peter pan collar are to die for. love love love!! xx. McKenna Lou

  10. I love your tights, shoes combo. So cute! And I like that you put a sweater over the dress and just have the collar sticking out. Such a cute look.

  11. polka dotted tights and sequined collar - yes yes yes!

  12. Love the collar!


  13. You girls come up with the most cute ways to restyle different items! I love this dress on both of you. Your red tights are so bold and fun. And goodness, yes, I do love her polka dotted tights as well haha

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  14. wow 2 completely different but gorgeous styles! you both look amazing! i especially adore your red tights to the look!

  15. Great mix! I love the shoes with the red tights and I love to "hide" fancy dresses under sweaters. I've been just planning my christmas- outfits (I have to celebrate christmas three times so I need three outfits) and I've been just thinking to wear a nice dress with a sweater on top... and then, if the mood is the right one you can so easily fancy your outfit up- when you take off the sweater :)

  16. Love this! (mmm, stripes! :) ) Checking out flock together right now. :)

  17. that is the cutest collar!!! the pearl accents...LOVE!

  18. love your outfit.

  19. Hello fellow Boulder blogger! Just stumbled across your beautiful blog and noticed the flatirons in your pictures :) Hope you enjoy my blog as well!


  20. Love that collar, oh my!! And what great scenery, love the farm house!

    <3 Megan

  21. This is such a gorgeous dress! I love how you and Marisa styled it two different ways, it seems such a versatile piece. And the collar necklace is just a beautiful detail!


  22. Marissa looks so sweet! And your outfit is inspiring me to break out my red tights! Love it with the adorable striped top.


  23. Very cute. I love the bold red tights with all that black and white!