Little Red Dress

Hey guys (and dolls!)
These pictures are from a sunny lunch break a few weeks ago.  It's amazing when and where you start trying to squeeze in outfits pictures when there are a lack of daylight hours to work with.  I borrowed this lovely little red dress from Jessica over at Midwest Muse, and it has one of the most beautiful back details I have ever seen!  Unfortunately. the temps were a little to cool for showing too much skin so I tried layering a vintage secretary blouse under it to mix things up a bit!  I was in love with the dress, but a honestly not so in love with the pictures- it is hard to not get photos that are too light, too dark, or too unnaturally contrasty in the midday sun here in Colorado.  I definitely prefer the warm golden light right before sunset, that's for sure!
Outfit Details: Dress - Sway Chic, Borrowed from Jessica of Midwest Muse // Blouse: vintage // Tights: Marshalls //Boots: gift

This is how Ashley of Southern California Belle and Jessica of Midwest Muse wore this little red dress.  I really like that wearing it without anything underneath lets the unique cut shine!  I love Ashley's animal print heels and Jessica's blue bow, they are the cutest!
If you want to see more awesome remixes from gals all over the U.S., make sure to head over to the Flock Together blog and say hi! There are new posts up every weekday and its so fun to get to see everyone's unique styling of all the different pieces we have been swapping! Thanks for letting me borrow this adorable dress Jessica!
xo Hannah


  1. no words but.. wonderful dress! gosh, it's so pretty and can be worn so many ways.

    lindsey louise


  2. It's intereting to see the dress worn so many different ways, everyone has their own unique take on styling it :)

  3. I love how all of you have worn the dress!!

  4. Oh Hannah, I LOVE how you styled this dress! Vintage secretary blouses are my favorite. I have so many and they are perfect to layer with. Such pretty colors too!

  5. I love how you layered this! That blouse really makes the dress stand out.

  6. Hi Hannah! I guess I've never noticed you have your nose pierced before! This dress is gorgeous, I think you look great in red! Definitely feel ya on the picture trouble...it's impossible when it starts to get dark at 4:30! Glad you managed to photograph this outfit though because it is darling. I really love that blouse underneath it actually! Hope you're having a great Wednesday, and thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog! :)

    perfectly priya

  7. I love the color of this dress! So cute. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so glad I was lead to yours. It is so cute and this outfit is great. I will definitely be following you from now on.
    xx. McKenna Lou

  8. How fun! I've been seeing this dress around, I love the different ways you ladies come up with to style it! Super fab ;)

  9. It is so interesting to me how a layer can make such a difference in the tone of a clothing piece. Like, I love the sexy, party-like feeling of this dress showing some skin, but I am amazed at its transformation too. I feel like with that adorable blouse under it we step back in time to the forties or something. It takes on such a playful, joyful quality. Love your remixing skills!

  10. Hannah, I love this dress.... It's amazing and super cute layering idea. Loving the details of the shirt and the bow peeking out. I bet the weather is nice in Colorado, I miss the chilly weather. It was in the 80's the other day in Austin. Ugh, want winter so bad!

  11. I love how you layered that cute blouse underneath this pretty dress! Super cute. It looks pretty warm there! Its been in the 40s here lately. Ugh... This place where you took your photos is gorgeous!

  12. Red look great on you! your outfit is amazing!


  13. love the bow detail peeking out of that little red dress! :)

  14. The blouse underneath was such a great idea! I always struggle with backless things (going braless is a terrible idea for me), so I always love blouses under dresses like this. And I get what you mean about the lighting, but I still think these photos look great!

  15. You are so creative! I would have never thought of putting a blouse underneath the dress, it looks really good!



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. Really nice dress!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I'm a new follower.
    Kisses from Venice.


  17. I never would have thought about layering like this, but what a great idea! It still accents the back while making it less revealing... love your take on it!

    - Leslie, Instant Fires

  18. I so wish I could visit Colorado! it seems beautiful there. You look great by the way! Your vintage blouse makes the dress even better I think. Hope you enjoyed your birthday :)

  19. What a fun dress! I love the back. I love how you wore a blouse under it! You still look darling, even with the sun! :)

  20. Wow I love to see how you guys styled this in different ways :D
    You are reallt beautiful too!

    >> milna89.blogspot.com <<

  21. Oooh, I love the layering here! I wouldn't be able to wear it without something underneath either :) It's such a unique back, and everyone has styled it beautifully!