Sunset at the Reservoir

Hello hello!  For once, a Monday where I do not hate the world!  The reason being, it is a balmy sixty degrees here in Colorado today and the sun is shining! It was so very nice to walk from my car to work this morning and not freeze my butt off.  I know March is usually the coldest and snowiest month here and it will be back in the 30s by Wednesday, but it is really nice to have a little sneak peak of Spring to have something to look forward to.
     These pictures were taken yesterday at the reservoir at sunset.  Growing up on the beach, I found this reservoir to be quite disappointing, but at least I know there is a place to go swimming in the summer.  I was going to try it out last summer, but there is a ten dollar fee or something to go there, which I think is ridiculous, so I turned around and did something else.  Maybe it was just disappointing because all the foliage is a monochromatic brown right now.  Or maybe the ocean has just spoiled me.  Probably both.

     Outfit Details:
Jacket: thrifted/ Nine West
Vest: thrifted/ vintage
Shoes: thrifted/ vintage
Dress: thrifted/ Old Navy
Tights: Sears

     I wore this outfit to a birthday brunch for R's mom and grandfather.  I really kind of love it when someone compliments what I am wearing and I can say every part of my outfit is either vintage, thrifted, or both.  Is that strange?  Most people probably enjoy getting outfit compliments and saying its from a coveted designer or fancy store.  I get a lot of pleasure knowing that I am recycling and not feeding into unsustainable consumerism more than I would from being able to say its made by so and so, and besides... this type of shopping is what I can afford right now! I got this little grey and white striped cotton dress at goodwill the other day for $3.50, and I know its nothing too exciting, but I think it is going to be making MANY appearances in my spring wardrobe-  so comfy!
     Sorry about the quality of these pictures.  My camera is having trouble focusing and it is also making everything look washed out.  It needs to be sent to the camera doctor, but I don't want to have to be without a camera! Alright, well I hope you week is off to a warm and sunny start!
xo Hannah
*Disclaimer: I love many designers and stores. I also do not think badly of the people who shop at these places, I just usually personally get more satisfaction when I get things second hand! :)


  1. This is really beautiful! I'm absolutely adoring the soft pink and grey tones in your whole outfit. This is a color palette I need to try out more! Yours shoes are the sweetest and I'm totally with you...thrifting all the way! It's rare these days that I shop modern stores unless having a gift card or shopping extreme sales.

    That reservoir is gorgeous, even if still brown. It does look like a quite lovely place to swim (though perhaps not exciting as the ocean), but what's with the fee?! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous!

    Enjoy the warm weather darling gal! xx Marisa

  2. You look cute and haha, I enjoy being able to say something was vintage too, although I don't thrift much anymore.

  3. Very cute outfit, the coat is brilliant, reminds me of strawberries and cream :X Yummy;)

  4. Very cute ballerinas! Coat is beautiful!

  5. those vintage shoes are a little slice of heaven!

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! Wearing an outfit that is 100% secondhand or handmade (mostly with my favorite belts and tops from Mexico) is my very favorite thing ever & I love that you took a stand on consumerism! and you look completely darling, I love that coat & the shoes, such a cute vintage outfit. Thanks for your sweet comment too, I've talked about hosting students a bit before but am actually going to do a little recap since I've gotten a few questions : ) Yay- so glad to have found your blog, how did you find mine btw?

  7. First of all, I love your blog header! Chevron pattern is my fav. Secondly, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! and third, I adore this outfit and your creative way of taking outfit photos!! Very pretty and delicate.
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  8. You have a beautiful hair!
    I love surfing at flea market to get some vintage stuffs with a good deal :D
    I adore your pink coat <3


  9. Really great job at mixing florals and stripes :)

    xo Jennifer