An Indoor Picnic

     Oh Monday- you again?!  Back to the 9-5 grind for me, but at least its supposed to in the 70s all week.  That means when I ride my bike to work, its only about forty-five degrees instead of 30, hooray! Today I even wore sandals instead of boots, and my toes didn't even fall off!
    Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures of a little indoor surprise picnic I made last week for R and I.  The weather wasn't so great and I wanted to do something a little fun and special.  Also, I only have a desk in my room and then the bed, so if I cook for more than just myself but want to eat in my room, there is nowhere to sit!   So here you have it:

     I laid a throw down on the ground and added all of the pillows from my bed lining the wall for comfy seating.  Then for a little decor I added a few candles and of course, a vase of faux flowers.  I would have preferred using real ones, but I am pretty sure R did not care either way.  Now that everything is starting to bloom perhaps I can "borrow" a few flowers from the creek path to spruce up my room a little bit. 
     For dinner, I whipped up some linguine, which is actually one of my least favorite pastas unless it is being used as a bed for some other food type (which it was). Then I heated up an easy loaf of garlic cheesy bread and baked some breaded flounder fillets in the oven.  While it was cooking, I made a Franchaise type sauce with butter, lemon juice, white wine, garlic, cream, and parsley.  Easy-peasy! The very lazy version of a meal, but hey, for me this is impressive.  We had the leftover wine with our little picnic and watched netflix- perfecto!
     I cannot wait for real outdoor picnic season which is just about here, but this was a fun and easy way to make dinner and a movie a little more fun, especially if its a surprise! Let me know if you are going to try it out, and make sure to take pictures- I would love to see them! 
xo Hannah



    that is sooooo darn cute! Lovely idea... I keep wanting to do this myself...



  2. How fun and adorable! I want to come have a picnic at your house ;) I love all the colorful pillows lined up againist the wall. The food looks soooo delish!


  3. Such a brilliant idea! I love picnics :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. aww love how you made such a cute little picnic inside! I tot read that as "I cooked up some lingerie" at first too hehe. could you share that sauce recipe, it sounds amazing!! love that dress you're wearing above, so cute w/ the bow!

  5. Mmmm. Werde ich sicher auch mal ausprobieren!
    Lots of love,
    The Cuteberry

  6. aww this is wonderful! i might just do the same! :)