Spring Layers

Hi friends! With the constant rain we've been having this week and R being out of town for work, its been difficult to get outfit pictures taken, but there was finally a short break in the weather yesterday! Whenever I have to take my own blog photos in a public setting, I always pretend to be taking pictures of the scenery whenever a car passes haha. Move along now, nothing to see here!
Outfit Details: 
Sweatshirt - similar here
Jacket - L.L. Bean
Plaid Shirt - similar here
Skirt - Vintage
Necklace - handmade (similar in the shop!)
Shoes - Similar here

Hoping it clears up today more because I have tons of pretty new vintage to shoot for the shop today! In other news, I bought this book the other week and have been doing the 10 day green smoothie cleanse this week.  I just kept on piling awful crap into my mouth and felt I needed a kickstart to a more healthy, positive change.  I am now on day 8 of the cleanse, and while I don't know my actual results yet in terms of weight loss or anything, I've really liked it so far.  (Okay, well I've hated the whole not eating delicious burritos and solid foods part, but I think its a good cleanse and has very easy, doable guidelines and recipes to follow for the ten days.)  I bought the digital version of the book but wish I had bought the paperback because I always have to bring my tablet into the kitchen and scroll through the recipes in the morning with it, whereas it would be easier to just have a book to leave out down there.  Anyway, I'd be happy to talk about it more in a future post if anyone is interested, or feel free to leave a comment with any questions!  Three more days and I can have COFFEE again wahooo!
xoxo Hannah


  1. Love how you tied in your style with the location! Alex


  2. LOL I do the exact same thing!!! That or I always pretend to be messing with the camera settings or checking something on the camera or like I have to do it for a class or something. At least that is the vibe I try to put out there. I love this combination so much. The sneakers and the print on the skirt and shirt--so cute! And yes can this rain please just GO AWAY already????

  3. I love how your paired the flannel shirt with that lovely skirt, it looks great! I have been trying to amp myself up to go take outfit pictures someplace, good tip on pretending to take pictures of the scenery when cars pass by. Haha

  4. The flannel shirt here says to me "Colorado chic." I love how you take such a mountainy item and make it so stylish! :D

  5. I don't see how you've stuck to the green smoothie cleanse, I don't have enough will power for that. You look great!

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  6. Bless you for being able to do a cleanse like that! I feel like I have no will power! I love this outfit and picture spot, so beautiful! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  7. Oh man! I cannot do cleanses... I've tried once and failed and got really sick. It was horrible. It was a very crazy and unhealthy cleanse though. Yours actually sounds healthy and doable though. I don't think I could go without coffee in the morning, that's my kick start to my day and always comes to my rescue when it's that time of day say around 2-3pm when I just can't function anymore. Ha! You're looking swell though.... love plaid and that skirt looks great! Don't you just love people that drive by when you're taking some pictures of yourself... ha! Move along folks.

  8. Haha I totally use the taking-pictures-of-scenery trick! "Ooh look at that paper bag sitting in the grass. So magical. I must capture it!"

    Your pattern mixing is so on point here! It was worth getting a few stares to have this outfit immortalized on your blog. ;)

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater