Alley Cat Gingham

Took this vintage set from the shop for a twirl last week in the five seconds that it hasn't been raining lately. These were taken in the alley outside of the little art studio we were renting, and I of course was approached by a kitty while taking them because of my extreme(ly creepy) cat whispering skills.
Here kitty kitty!
Outfit Details
Vintage Set - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - H&M

We are finally back in our house and they are finishing up the construction today!  Our house feels like some sort of mansion after living in a tiny studio with R and Lilikoi for the week, and its just nice to have our own stuff again. Like a couch. And floors in our house.  And especially, a coffee maker.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far!
xo Hannah


  1. I love gingham-you look so cute!!!

  2. You look cute! Ha ha, Hannah the cat whisperer. I'm glad your house is all done and you can actually have your floors again, oh and let's not forget coffee.

  3. So cute! I have some pretty creepy cat whispering skills too, anytime we go for a walk and see a cat, I'm gonna make all attempts to pet it. It must be nice to be getting back to normal in your own house, and COFFEE.

  4. Haha! You do seem to have Cat Whispering as your superhero power :)

    Glad you were able to get back to your house and have it all fixed! This is such a cute outfit- makes me wish summer would come (it has been raining like crazy here too).

  5. Loving this set. So pretty and springy. Also, I wish I had your cat whispering skills. Creepy guys hit on me instead... lol.