B&W and New Specs

Hi guys!  It's been awhile, but with good reason.  Last week we went on a little trip to Charleston, SC, which was beautiful and I will share some photo soon.  When we arrived home, a pipe in our bathroom had burst so we walked into water that had been GUSHING into the inside of our house for a few days.  It sounded like a waterfall when we opened the door.  Not fun.  So now we are in the middle of a construction zone with ripped up wood floors, walls, and industrial fans buzzing 24/7.  At least it convinced us to leave our house a lot this weekend!  So yeah, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat to all of those things.
Outfit Details:
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Pants - h&m
Blouse - Marshalls
Scarf - Italy
Boots - old

   I am excited to show you guys my brand new glasses from Firmoo, even if the outfit itself is nothing to write home about.  When the glasses arrived in the mail last week, I didn't want to take them off.  I usually only wear glasses for driving, but since I actually really like the look and fit of this pair, it made me want to wear them more often.  I like that they are slightly oversized in shape, but not too much as to be cartoonish.  If you are interested in this exact pair, you can find it here, and I can honestly say they come highly recommended from me!  I just filled out my prescription information online, and had my glasses within about two weeks of placing the order.  If you have never ordered from Firmoo before, they are also giving new customers 50% off their first pair here!  Did you guys have a good weekend?  I will hopefully be back to more normal posting now!
xo Hannah


  1. Sorry to hear about your pipe! How come those things always happen when you aren't at home?! Glad that you had a good trip though!

    Also, I'm loving your outfit - the black and white is so classy and those glasses are great! I absolutely love my Firmoo glasses too!


  2. Oh man- that is such a bummer of a way to come home! So sorry, lady!! You look super cute- I love these glasses and they really suit you!

  3. I like this style seems very modern and cool!

  4. A busted pipe?! That is nuts! We've never had any water-related home issues but we have had two different stoves catch on fire because the element snapped. Needless to say, I have trust issues with home appliances. haha I hope things start looking up for you!

    Those glasses suit you so perfectly. They could look good with whatever the heck you're wearing because they're such a classic style.