Maroon & Gold

Hi guys! Here I am dressed like I am going to cheer for team Gryffindor from the bleachers at Hogwarts.  But nope, just a casual work day outfit for me!  Actually, if I manage actual jeans instead of yoga leggings during the winter working from home, its considered "dressed up".  So here I am dressed up. ;)
Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt- Ross
Bouse- c/o August Wrinkle
Pants - Rue21
Sneakers - New Balance 420s
Beanie - Forever 21

R recently got a new job and is now working remotely (from home) too, so we took these on a warm day a few weeks back when we took a little picnic bike ride over lunch.  Now he is in San Francisco, where his company is based, for training while I'm snowed in here that lucky dog.  That's okay though because I don't think I have been alone in our house for an extended period of time since we moved in together last June, so while I miss him, its kind of exciting to have the run of the place for the week!  I have already stolen his favorite mug, dyed my hair pink, and made a huge pillow nest around me while I slept, and he only left yesterday!
Hope you guys are having a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. A really cute look! I love bike rides and my husband and I also make a lot when the weather is good... I hope this will happen again soon :)
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  2. That must be really fun to have that time together, though I am sure it can get a little crowded. I love your yellow jeans!

  3. You look amazing! These colors are so good together. You always make me miss Colorado.

  4. I love that color! I'm the same with my leggings in the winter, I'd wear them constantly if I could!

  5. Love those mustard yellow pants! That's cool that R got a new jobby but not cool you have to be all alone while he's training... I get so scared when I'm all alone at home when Matt goes outta town. Ha ha! Well, you look cute and comfy which is always a plus!

  6. How fun that you are both working from home! Hopefully he will get lots of work trips to San Fran and you can join him sometimes! Love the yellow pants! That is a popular color combo around here as it's the colors of Arizona State :)

  7. Loving the Hogwarts reference! HP is the best! That hat looks so amazing on you - just loving this casual work outfit in general! Have a good house to yourself - I love it when that happens!


  8. Hahah "dyed my hair pink"- you legit went wild the second the old guy left! And this pillow fort sounds amazing. Must copy.

    Also, love a good Harry Potter reference ;)

    xo marlen
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  9. Your last paragraph made me laugh! Yes, it is fun to have run of the house ever so often. And- isn't it always de rigeur to look like you are from House Gryffindor? ..... ooooor maybe that is the HP geek in me!