Hawaiian Joe Dirt

Hi guys,
   Just stopping in quickly with a super easy-going outfit I wore to the park this weekend to play frisbee.   Well we played for a good ten minutes until we realized it was 90-something degrees and then deemed "sitting under the awning drinking water" a better activity. I don't think R could actually believe I asked him to snap photos of what I was wearing as were headed out the door, as this usually wouldn't be the type of outfit I post on here.  Actually, he told me I look like a Hawaiian Joe Dirt.  Thanks R!

Outfit Details
Hat - Vonzipper via Swell
Shoes - Inkkas
Purse - vintage
Top - Target
Sunnies - ZeroUV

     Anyway, even though this is way more casual than I usually post, its what I often wear! I grew up at the beach, so often, especially during summertime, I revert to a more low key beachy style even though there's unfortunately no beach in sight here.
     This is the second baseball hat I got recently from Swell and I am of course in love with the floral print! This one is sold out now, but there are a ton of other amazing printed ones right now too, particularly in the mens section!  I think this minty toucan number or this polka dot one has to be next on my list!

Happy July!
xo Hannah


  1. you look great in snapback hats!

    stop by,

  2. I'm all about casual, so glad you shared this! I'm thinking I may just have to get a cute cap like yours :) love the purse, too!


  3. I like to see the "what I actually wear a lot" type of outfits. See a different of a blogger that way :)

  4. Hahhaha well, we have to try new outfits sometimes! I really dig this one you--olive green suits you so well, and those cute sunglasses keep it very "you."

    I tried to suntan in my backyard but got too hot and gave up after about 20 minutes. XD My tan is AWFUL right now. It's on my legs and arms up to my shoulders but then my stomach is pure white. Biker tan. Get some.

  5. i love how you totally rock the 90's hip hip look here (or so I deem it : ) and how you equally rock the pretty vintage dresses. plus, it's infinitely more stylish than I'd be to play frisbee, but I keep thinking of how I should up my workout clothes game a bit haha. 90 degrees also sounds like nothing to me, but I've learned from moving to Austin that if paired with humidity, sure is something!