Nautical Mini Vases DIY

With moving to a new house last month, I definitely have had a case of the DIY/ decorating/ nesting bug so I'm going to start sharing a few projects and recipes on here!  With a yard full of fresh blooming flowers, I realized I had nothing to put them in.  Rob had brought home a case of cute little Sessions bottled beers, so I decided to clean & save a few of the empties to hold little fresh cut flowers.  I added the white nautical rope as to give them a more finished & summery vibe!

Project Cost:
About $2 for the rope, I already had all of the other materials.

Supplies needed:
Glue gun
Glue Sticks
Recycled bottles of your choice
Rope (from craft store)

 Step 1. Put a dab of glue at the end of the rope and start rolling it into a tight circle.  Put dots of glue intermittently to hold it together while rolling.
 Step 2. Once the rope circle is approximately the size of the bottom of the bottle, attach the circle to the bottom with glue.
 Step 3.  Start wrapping the bottle with rope, making sure to intermittently put dots of glue every inch or so to hold it in place.
 Step 4.  Cut off end at the height you would like, securing the frayed end in place with extra glue.
Note: I did half of my bottles wrapped to the base of the label, and for the other two I removed the label and wrapped the rope higher.  Whatever you think looks best!

And there you have it: cute little vases to put buds in!  These would look super cute on outdoor tables for a 4th of July BBQ.  Have you been doing any summery projects lately?  If you've posted a DIY, link to it and I would love to take a peak!
xo Hannah


  1. Oh my gosh those are so cute! I'll have to remember this!

  2. Those are so cute! They would make great summertime centerpieces and its nice because if you are having a bbq you don't have to worry about one breaking accidentally because it is literally a recycled beer can and rope.

  3. cute idea and I love your still photos here.

    1. Thank you Shanti, that means a lot from someone whose photography I always admire! :)

  4. I love these Hannah! They are so fun and summery, and such a good use for all those empty bottles we have around here :)

  5. This is such a cute DIY! (:

  6. Okay, so I have to do this DIY. There is no shortage of beer bottles in my home and I'm sure Kevin would love to see them as decor items LOL!

  7. i def wouldnt have thought to do the bottom part too, you totally nailed this simple DIY! i always hate just recycling glass bottles since so much goes into making them and poof... I wish they took them back like they do in Latin America (at least Mexico/Venezuela where I've lived) to sanitize and reuse. But since that's not happening, yay for getting another use out of 'em!

  8. Very cute! I think I like the ones wrapped higher a little more, but it's a tough call as I also really like well designed labels ~___^

  9. Such a cute idea! I love how simple and cheap this is too c: