Orange is the New Black

A few years ago I started this blog as a networking and promotional tool for the vintage shop I was opening.  Last night while R and I were working on some rebranding materials, he asked me what my blog is for now.  While I still think it is important networking and promotional tool, this blog has also really become a favorite creative outlet of mine.  Since our recent move to a new town, I have actually liked going out to explore new photo locations and my tripod has again become more of a buddy and less of a dreaded necessity.  All that to say... I know these photos are strange, but sometimes I really like to not only use this blog to show "what I'm wearing", but also get to express a bit of creativity through it!
Outfit Details:
Dress - borrowed from Taylor
Crown - handmade by me
Beaded Necklace - Mitla Moda
Cat Pin - Albinohare on Etsy
Floral Sneakers - Target
Pink Wig - c/o Wigsbuy

Down the road from our new place is this giant abandoned sugar mill.  Even closer are these open fields with strange abandoned concrete patches and sand piles.  Most people think the mill is an eye sore, but I actually find places that these "leftover" places beautiful.   I thought it would be a fun contrast to shoot a colorful feminine outfit in this strange mix of industrial and wild. The effects are pretty but definitely eery.

On a more sartorial note, orange is definitely not one of my usual favorite colors, but when Taylor offered up this pretty textured dress for swap, I couldn't pass it up!  I paired it with a beautiful hand beaded necklace from Dus's fair trade shop Mitla Moda, along with my favorite meowmaid pin and a flower crown I made.  Dus said this necklace reminded her of my pink wig, so I of course had to throw that on too to complete the crazy sorbet colored party!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah


  1. I think you look totally darling, and I agree with you about how blogs become a very important creative outlet! There are definitely certain things I've worn on the blog that are more fantastical than I'd wear to normal, everyday events, but I love that I have an opportunity to express myself in that way. Orange isn't one of the colors I'm normally drawn to either, but it looks great on you! I love this whole color scheme.

    xox Sammi

  2. I am in love with this dress on you! Orange looks awful with my hair and skin tone, so I can hardly ever pull it off, but this dress is really making me wish I could. I love the Mitla Moda necklace with it too!

    Also, I am really digging this location. You have so many cool spots by you!


  3. I love how the blog has evolved for you, expanding it's purpose like that. I like that you are exploring with your camera. Used to love going to explore abandoned buildings. For some reason, Laramie, where I went to school at, had a ton of abandoned buildings. Abandoned houses, hotels and even two seperate abandoned churches (one the delightfully named "Love Church.") After exploring an area near my new home a neighbor of the area came up and got threatening. He said if he saw us again he's start shooting. I've never gone again. Perhaps that isn't fair, because I've also met very accommodating owners (and never any weird neighbors) who gave me the tour and history of a place but it was unsettling...

    Which is not to turn out off from exploring. I want to see more of the factory!

  4. I love this dress on you! The length and color are really flattering on you, and I especially love your adorable little broach. And the location you chose to shoot these photographs in is really awesome! You should definitely shoot there again (:

  5. Oh that location is really cool, I dig the contrast. I love how blogging can lead to discovering new places and having different adventures. While I don't normally adore orange either, I love the way you styled this.. the soft pink with the bold orange is just so lovely <3

  6. Ohhh I love this location and the color orange on you! I've been going out pretty much every day this week and taking pictures. I have to say, I really enjoy it! Of course, I'm totally into your meowmaid :)

  7. Love the cat pin! Adorable.


  8. Nice!



  9. The location does look strange (but in a good way)... I love locations like this! How fun and you look amazing in the dress. Love how you styled it.

  10. I love the pink and orange color combo- so fun! I bet it's been fun exploring a new town. I know exactly what you mean about loving your blog as a creative outlet. I was recently feeling like I was spread too thin time wise and not putting the time into Etsy I would like, but I really couldn't imagine giving up the blog for more time- it's so fun and the friend connections make it so worth it! :)

  11. i think it's the combo of the orange + pink w/ the location that gives these pics a kind of eery feel, in the coolest way. i always find your pictures beautiful so it's fun to hear you're enjoying the creative side of blogging. &, thanks for the kind words on my shop - the necklace seriously does look amazing w/ the pink hair : ).

  12. Wow, that location is really incredible! The orange dress contrasts beautifully with the soft lilac shades of the landscape. I tend to shy away from orange, but this dress and flower crown are so pretty!


  13. Playing catch up here as I've been offline for a wee bit :) Love this location. Places that are abandoned and creepy are my favorite. How interesting that this is an old sugar mill. We have so many old mills and abandoned plants near us - a lot of coal breakers and such. Definitely interesting and high on the creep factor, haha.

    Most of all loving the tangerine and pink combo. Never would have thought of it but it soooo works, like awesomely. And with the crown and neckline and pin this is such a winning combo. Swoon!