Watermelon Fresca

Two things of note here. One is that I am wearing actual leggings-as-pants on the blog (gasp), and the second is that there is a huge slice of grunge-inspired watermelon on my top. I look like I cloned a small 90s girl-child version of myself. An 8 year old Hannah from 1994 would totally approve! And while I am typically not really embracing the whole teenagers doing a huge 90s grunge revival thing I'm seeing everywhere, I AM embracing my watermelon top because it makes me happy!

Outfit Details: Watermelong Tank - c/o Chicnova // Mary Jane Flats - c/o Sole Provisions // Sunglasses - Target // Leggings - Ross

     I seriously wore it for days upon its arrival, only taking it off to put on work clothes and throwing it back on as soon as I got home.  As for the leggings, my basic leggings-in- public rule (for myself) is that its fine as long as my shirt is long enough to fully cover my butt! Let's just say I have seen one too many awkward semi sheer but unknowing panty-lined legging bottoms around town. Anyone else? I love being comfortable but I don't like see-through butts. Also, it should be noted that my long top & leggings rule does not apply when actually wearing spandex to perform physical activity. If you want to wear your yoga hot-pants with a teeny sports bra and sweat it out, I say YOU GO FOR IT GIRL!
    One more thing of note about this outfit is my new Mary Jane flats from Sole Provisions! I wanted to wear them to work and around town for a few days before giving you my honest opinion on them since I was sent them to review.   So, I am one to usually go for the cheap and trendy shoe over one that is actually comfortable and will last a long time, but recently I have been learning the error of my ways.  These flats give me a little added height with their platform base but still have a really supportive sole, and the wide elastic strap makes for the perfect fit.  Seriously, its like my feet are getting a hug.  Not a too tight hug from your great Aunt Gertrude and not a faux light pat on the back hug from a girl you couldn't stand in high school but ran into at the bar, but an actual nice hug.
     My true test of a shoe is if I can wear them on my very brisk walk across town to the post office over my lunch break to mail out orders and not have sore feet by the time I get back to the office.  Shoes that I think are comfortable normally always disappoint me on this walk (I'm looking at you oxfords and boat shoes!) I've got to say, these FitFlop Mary Janes passed the test with flying colors and didn't rub my ankle like all of my other flats do while walking longer distances.  Anyway, I am super excited to pair these with tights or knee highs and dresses come fall. And I had my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday, so it MUST be getting close to that time again!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah
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  1. That watermelon top is adorable! Totally agree about the leggings rule...I treat them like tights and if your butt isn't covered, it's a no go!

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  2. This top is ADORABLE!!! What a fun print, and I am all for leggings as long as bums are covered as well. It's necessary to keep the camel toe action to a minimum as well (sorry, I'm gross)

  3. I am all for leggings as pants -- as long as the tops are long enough! (And that the leggings are not see through!!) They are so comfy and can look really cute. I especially love them with big sweaters and boots for winter. I say wear that watermelon top all you want! ;)


  4. Eight year Old Kristian would also approve!

  5. hahah if i saw you wear this when we were 8 i'd loudly declare you my best friend. it looks awesome on twenty-something hannah, too ;) and i LOLed at the phrase "see-through butts", that always makes me cringe but i feel likes the girl just doesn't know what's happening behind. unless she's intentionally giving off the ~*scandalous~ vibe =P

    xo marlen
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  6. I love that watermelon top! It's so fun and the color is vivid! It's definitely appropriate for any age :)

    fashion and tea

  7. The watermelon top is so adorable on you! Such a fun colour too.

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  8. I love your top!! The watermelon is cute, but the bright pink just makes it that much more awesome!

    Leggings as pants is a staple in my wardrobe. I know it's often hated on, but I really do make sure I wear something longer to go with them, so it's "okay..."

    xoxo Jackie

  9. Haha, it's summer-you're allowed to wear a fun watermelon top I think! That's my legging rule too-the top has to cover the bum. You're just cute enough to pull of a look like this :) And shoes that are cute AND comfy?! Gimme!

  10. The pink matches really well with the sky eheh :)

  11. Your top is so cute! you look adorable <3
    Love from France <3

  12. Hooray for leggings weather and pumpkin spice lattes! I love your watermellon top, it's SO cute!

    Xo, Hannah


  13. The tank is really fun and I love how sporty you make this look! :-) /Madison

  14. i am all about comfy shoes the minute i get home from work as well. and not that any of my work clothes are uncomfy, but c'mon, it can always get comfier, like running shorts/leggings and a tank. yours is super fun! the shoes sound great, i'm often tricked into thinking ones are comfy as well that end up not being. it's such a dissapointment.
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