Friday's Favorite Finds {Vol. 6}

I missed last Friday's Favorite Finds since my town was mostly underwater, so now I have two whole weeks of inspiration and finds to share!

I check out the daily deal site Zulily (<-- personal invite link) a few times a week, and this week's favorite was this awesome and cozy looking weekender bag, perfect for short mountain getaways!

 I wish this lavender ice coffee from A Beautiful Mess was sitting next to me at work right now! I know the blogging world is all about the pumpkin spice right now, but this sounds like it would give that a run for its money and you can make it at home!
I've got my eye on a few statement necklaces for fall, as I am picturing them paired with a long sleeve blouse under a sweater.  This one is super cute and is only $13.99!

I love reading menus and seeing the insides of different restaurants, so I really enjoyed this article from Open Table on the best rated Top 100 restaurants in the US.  It was also fun to see if I had any near me to try out!

I may have just "accidentally" bought these.  I pinned them to my wishlist on pinterest and then actually purchased them within three minutes flat.  I had some rewards points saved up and free shipping so these babies cost me a whole $35. They seemed like the perfect way to bring floral into fall and winter!

I recently discovered photographer Kevin Russ's work and it is stunning! I am definitely ordering the buffalo print, but have my eye on at least three more! You can see his whole gallery on Society6 here!

The online boutique eShakti just launched their fall line, and I think this skirt has to be my favorite from it! I think it would have endless remix potential for fall and I love that all of their clothing is customizable!

This banana cream fudge recipe is so pretty and sounds easy to make! I think little bags and fudge would make a nice gift for the holidays, so I am going to practice some recipes in the meantime!

 Spotted: DREAM HOME! I came across blogger and designer Kelli Murray's home tour while browsing Design*Sponge and I think it is the best house I have ever seen.  Bright whites with cozy wooden touches and lots of art. 

Speaking of dream homes, I am planning an IKEA trip this weekend to get some things I need for my apartment and shop. This is my first time I am going in to the store actually planning on spending money instead of watching R spend money, so I am kind of excited! Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!
xo Hannah


  1. Your town was underwater?! I hope no-one was hurt and the flood damage is not too bad xo

  2. Your finds are very interesting. I'm in love with that pretty statement necklace.
    Have a great weekend.


  3. These floral booties are SO fabulous!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. I love the bag! I recently spotted one similar to it on Etsy but it was sadly out of my price range. How much was that one?!
    Folk & Fables

    1. I think that bag was definitely under $50 and looked like it was a decent size! About $45 I think :) Hope that helps!
      xo Hannah

  5. Bags of fudge are the best holiday gifts--we make that every winter for our neighbors and friends, actually! Not that specific one, mind, but something very similar to it. :)

  6. So thanks to this list I got lost in a time warp of Kelli Murray's home tour, blog, etc :) Love that bag. I've never tried a lavender latte but I'm really curious because they seem to be all the rage now. I just made the pumpkin syrup recipe they posted and I'll probably have to whip this one up too... That fudge looks amazing.

    1. How did the pumpkin syrup one turn out?! I wanted to try that too! The same thing happened with me with Kelli Murray's blog + house, so inspiring!

  7. I'm in love with the dixie boots! And Kelli Murray's blog is one of my favourite - espacially her watercolors. And thanks for sharing Kevin Russ's photography, he is very inspiring.

  8. SO many beautiful things here but my favorite might be Russ' photography, that picture of the buffalo is just stunning.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda