Makeover Monday: Creamy Cotton

Hi Friends,
     Just sharing a super simple makeover for today's Makeover Monday post!  Though this dress was really gorgeous at the longer length as well, it is made of a heavier cotton so the length made it a bit bulky.  Now it is the perfect length for any summer event.  Anyone else loving anything white or cream colored right now?  I am packing for my trip home to New Jersey this week and I think I have three white dresses packed so far!
Outfit Details: Dress - vintage, for sale in shop here! //  Wedges - Bandalino, thrifted //  
Flower Crown - DIY

     This weekend was wonderfully warm here in Colorado.  We had a great picnic along a mountain creek yesterday complete with my first sunburn of the year.  Now I am just counting down the work days until I leave for NJ! Three to go!
xo Hannah


  1. I love the after dress! Well done! :)


  2. This color is so versatile and the dress is lovely. Great result.


  3. I think given the dropped waist, the shorter version is far more modern than the longer version. Great makeover.

  4. I love love love this! you are so cute in that headband too. What a great dress makeover. haha. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Oooh, I really adore that dress! Man, if dropped waists looks any amount of good on me, I'd steal that from you, ehehe!~ I especially love the buttons on it, and those tiny pleats. What a treasure you fixed up!

    Picnic on a mountain sounds lovely. Sunburn, not so much, but we all must make sacrifices, no? ;)

  6. Its crazy what a difference a little bit of length makes! This looks great :)

    Angela @ Texas Chic

  7. good job on the dress!! love the floral headband! :D

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  8. You did such a good job on this dress, love white summer dresses. So perfect

  9. So cute, you did an amazing job! You're killing it with the pieces in your shop lately, by the way! I want everything!

  10. cute cute dres.. i should totally do the same for most of my dresses cos im too short for them haha. you look wonderful. have a fun trip to NJ.

    xo, Carla

  11. I love the fresh makeover you gave it! Fantastic styling with the sandals and floral crown :)

    Trendy Teal

  12. This lenght is much better! Great job :)


  13. Love the outfit, Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

  14. Hooray for Monday makeovers! It's amazing what a little hemming to a dress can do to completely change a piece and make it modern. I have a pile sitting in my sewing room that are in dire need of a hem and I have been far to been...and er, lazy to get to them. Loving the babydoll silhouette on you lady :-)

    A mountain creek picnic sounds divine! Safe travels to New Jersey! What part does your family in live in?

    xoxo Marisa

    1. Thanks Marisa! My family lives in central Jersey on the shore *insert fist pump* - Just kidding about the last part! It's a teeny town called Ocean Grove. its adorable I think you would love it there! :)

    2. I know exactly where that is...and I LOVE that little town! I was at a little concert there before - reminded me a bit of Cape May, but even more charming in my opinion. Next time you are in the area - please let me know ahead of time and I would love to meet up. It's only about an hr. and a half away from my family's house in Philly, where I spend a lot of time at - I would make the drive to Ocean Grove in a heartbeat :-)

  15. it's amazing how the smallest little changes can completely make over an item of clothing, this dress is so cute now that you've fixed it up! i really wish i could sew and do things like this with all the half-awesome-half-gross clothes i find and make them just plain awesome.

    little henry lee

  16. you made that dress look so cute!

  17. I seriously love this series- it's so fun to see how just a little bit of hemming can change a whole dress. And i LOVED how you made a vintage shirt into a crop top last week- that opened my eyes to a whole lot of fun alterations ;)

    Also, I got both of your comments haha (the more from hannah the better), and i've always liked moving, too! except the whole packing stuff into boxes bit- i always feel like just throwing everything out and starting over, ugh. have you always lived in Colorado?

    xo Marlen
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    1. Thanks girl! Haha whoops with the double comments! I actually moved out here after I graduated school 3 years ago! I grew up in New Jersey, then went to school in Pennsylvania, then studied abroad in Mexico, then transferred to go to school in New Jersey again, so I am no stranger to moves! My current place is also the 4th place I lived since moving to Colorado haha!

  18. I love the new length, you look so cute in it with the floral crown :) I think cream is such a pretty color for Spring and Summer. What are you doing in New Jersey? Sounds fun!