The Finish Line

Today is the day! The day my 30 days of healthy eating challenge is over! Let's just say that R and I have a night of pizza and beer planned.  Don't worry, I am not planning on giving up my healthy eating ways now that the challenge is over, but I am definitely having a cheat night as a reward!

Outfit Details: Dress- Vintage, for sale in shop here! // Shoes- vintage // Hat & Tights- Target

Last night I added a bunch of new stuff to the shop, and there's a lot more where that came from! Since I was sick all last weekend, I spent most of it holed up in my room popping Vitamin C and sewing/ altering pieces for my shop.  A really wild weekend!  It was a bit of a shame since it was beautiful and in the low 70s and I didn't get to enjoy it much, but I love being in my room when its sunny out and I got so much done.  This dress is one of my favorites from the shop right now as it has a double layered ruffle collar, one of the prettiest I have ever seen! I know I know, I say every dress is my favorite...But that just means I try to fill my shop with thing I myself honestly love!
    In hopes that spring is here to stay (okay, well it snowed last night but...) I am extending my $5 off shop discount into May!  Use the code MAYFLOWERS at checkout!  If you are thinking of buying more than one thing, send me a message on Etsy and I'll send you a secret discount code for $10 off your order! Can you tell I am in good spirits from finishing my challenge?
Have a wonderful day!
xo Hannah


  1. Hope you enjoy every mouthful of your pizza and beer! Love the collar of the dress xo

  2. Congrants on doing the healthy eating challenge.

    That dress is lovely.

    Corinne x

  3. This seems like a very quintessentially Braided Bandit outfit, so very you!

  4. I am loving this floral dress, so pretty with those tights too! What a wonderful look!! And so happy you seem to be feeling better, nothing worse than being sick!!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your challenge! I would be craving pizza like a mad woman afterwards, too!


  6. The collar on this vintage dress is AMAZING! So cute!


  7. Congrats! That's great! Today is the last day of my 10 day detox. I'm pretty psyched! I can't believe I didn't cheat once! So proud :) Will try to continue eating healthy as well.

    Love your hat! So cute!

  8. Loving the floral dress!

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    Sparkles of everything event planning and design!!

  9. Love the shoes!

  10. You look lovely as always, I adore your cute floral dress and this pretty hat. You just always get it right, don’t you?

    Hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your pizza!

  11. that is an impressive challenge. I'm trying to plan just 7 days of healthy eating and cutting alcohol, sugar..never seems to be the right time ;) Your scenery is just stunning and the dress is too cute xox

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  13. Pizza and beer sounds delicious. Good for you :) Also, I love your hat!

    xo Ashley

  14. congrats on the healthy month! and it's always good to reward yourself after lots of hard work! and i love your hat!

    lindsey louise


  15. Love this dress and those tights!

    xo Jennifer


  16. This is my favorite kind of outfit...dress+tights+oxfords!

    Flounces & Hubbub

  17. Whoot whoot for cheat nights! ;) Haha, pizza sounds so good.
    Love this unique print dress and your floppy hat!

    Trendy Teal

  18. Oh that dress is just perfect Hannah! If only I knew I could fit into it right now, I would have snagged it up!

    Congrats on finishing up your healthy eating challenge. I've definitely been on a healthy eating kick lately too - but then comes the pregnancy cravings for twizzers and icees. Eh - I'll be happy when I have more willpower once again after this pregnancy!

    Anyhow, you look gorgeous as always and I just love the sunny blue sky in your pics. Always a ray of sunshine Miss Hannah! xo Marisa

  19. You have such great things in your shop - you curate a really good Etsy store. And your photos are alwys so nice too. Anyhow - it looks beautiful there, as always, and I'm excited for you to get some pizza and beer! Healthy eating is great, but my husband and I usually end our weeks with a cheat night (we make all of our own meals throughout the week and usually by Friday or Saturday, we're out of food and need to run the dishwasher too!) I love the print on this dress too - the polka dots are great.

  20. You look so pretty Hannah! This dress is completely adorable! Love how you styled it with your cute hat too :) You have the best stuff in your shop, seriously. Wow, congrats on 30 days of healthy eating! I was doing SO good at eating clean before my cruise but since I've been back I haven't exactly got back into the swing of things yet..

    P.S. I posted your gorgeous LBD on the blog today :)

  21. you seriously have THE prettiest dresses in your store! i love that collar, it's so unique. and i hope you're feeling better- that stinks you missed out on such sunny weather (especially since it snowed over by you?!?)

    and let me just do a quick bow in your direction for doing 30 days of healthy eating! heck i ate popcorn for breakfast today so you can see where my bikini body is going....hahah

    xo Marlen
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  22. Love that hat - it looks great with your hair. Enjoy the pizza!

  23. Adorable outfit! And what a stunning location- following <3 Alex


  24. You look so pretty, what a gorgeous dress! Enjoy your cheat night, you so deserve it. Can't be good all the time :)

  25. Now that you mentioned pizza and beer, all I want is pizza and beer! I'm on a health kick right now, so probably not going to happen. I'm going to head over to your shop right now, I hope that dress is still available!



    Southern (California) Belle

  26. way to go on your clean eating challenge, that is really awesome & def room for celebration! and i looove this dress, def one of my favs from your shop w/ the lovely print & collars. love the color of your tights and your classy pairing w/ the booties too and i am EXTREMELY impressed that you were so productive being sick!

  27. I love this outfit, it is such a unique print, so happy and fun too. What a great challenge you did for 30 days. I really want to do something like the myself. I really admire you for that.

  28. Cute outfit! And you definitely deserve a cheat night - enjoy your pizza and beer :)

  29. Congrats on a successful 30 day challenge! I hope you ate TONS of junk food this weekend, you deserve it! This dress is so pretty. I love everything you have in the shop right now, you always choose the best pieces.

  30. This dress is so cute, I love the cool print and that hat goes perfectly with it! and dang, congrats on your 30 day challenge. I'm in the middle of my healthy eating challenge and it's getting kinda hard so good for you for accomplishing your goal. You and R definitely deserve a bit of yummy but not so healthy food :)