Sweet Alice and the Mischevious Cat

Well, now that I am out of a chocolate coma, I can resume blogging again!  My apologies for the little hiatus and I hope everyone had a terrific holiday weekend, or just normal weekend.  I myself went to a lovely brunch with unlimited champagne and delicious food! I think I had four plates... I wish I did not always seem to wear high waisted skirts to these event, the waist line really restricts my eating capabilities!

 Outfit Details:
Dress: vintage- for sale in the shop now!
Necklace: Vintage
Boots: Vintage/ thrifted
Belt: Vintage/ thrifted
Hat: Sears

Alright, I will stop squabbling on about food now.  Isn't this dress somethin' special?! I sent a picture of it to my mom and she said it looked like it was straight out of Alice in Wonderland, and I agree.  It is some sort of mixture of the sweet Alice and the mischievous Cheshire cat.   I love the full pleated skirt, perfect for twirling, and the special details like the winged top and button up back make it extra pretty! Unfortunately, it is a little big on me, but that was fixed for the day by adding a belt! The dress is for sale in my vintage shop now and more dresses to come in the next few days!  Back to work for me, have a lovely day!
xo Hannah


  1. wow, that is a beautiful dress indeed!

  2. Your blog is lovely and these photos here are stunning. Gorgeous dress.

  3. That dress truly is a dream! It definitely reminds of the most perfect cross between Alice and the Cheshire. Champagne with brunch...oh yes please! Going out to eat usually means I need to wear a tent dress...haha...I just love food way too much:)

  4. Wow, that dress is really beautiful! I love the deatils on the back :)

  5. Oh wow, that dress is so unique and lovely!! It looks beautiful on you! xo

  6. I loooove this look! Such a beautiful necklace, wonderful boots, and the dress, quite fabulous!

    Miss Mary
    The Empty Pocketbook

  7. i could have sworn i commented on this.. I def swooned over but I guess I forgot to tell you! Anyway, that dress is so awesome & original, reminds me of something the Mad Hatter would wear, but in a good way! Love that you paired it with high boots, & so jealous you thrifted those!