An Earth Day Adventure

Happy Earth Day!  First off, I have to admit I took these picture yesterday, so the adventure didn't actually take place on Earth Day itself, but close enough!  After work I set out to find a place in the area that would reflect the true natural beauty of where I live.  I found this road literally five minutes away from where I work, and the sky was absolutely amazing- bright blue with the perfect Colorado cotton candy clouds.  I really do not think I could ask to live in a place with more natural beauty so close at hand!
Outfit Details
Scarf: Vintage/ RECYCLED!!
Wedges: Mia Pampa Desert Wedge Booties, DSW

     I hope you guys aren't getting sick of my floral dresses and nature pictures yet (ahem, last post) because there is a lot more where that came from!  So, I don't want to get too preachy on ye' olde blog, but I really hope everyone does take a moment to think about our planet today and things you can do in your life to live more sustainably!  One of the main reasons for me starting The Braided Bandit blog and vintage shop, besides my love for fashion and photography, was the fact that my background is in environmental policy.  I thought what better way to combine sustainability with creativity than a shop that revolves around recycling and giving new life to clothing.  So all I am asking is for you to think before you buy, and to take a minute today to appreciate the natural beauty in your daily lives!
xo Hannah    
p.p.s Don't mind the last photo, I am just dancing by myself in the middle of the road in front of a tripod with  a self timer. Oh, life.


  1. what a gorgeous place for a hike and an outfit post! happy earth day to you!


  2. You look fabulous! Those photos are amazing as well. Can't believe I forgot about earth day, hope you had a good one :))

  3. Floral dresses and nature...you are speaking my language! Where you live is breathtaking. So funny, I just wrote up my post that will go up tomorrow and it is so similar...great minds:)

    Absolutely love your dress and that wide open sky! Happy earth day indeed...even if a little late. xx Marisa

  4. I love the dress and shoes! The pictures are really great, the sky looks beautiful with all the puffy white clouds :)

  5. yes, yes, YES! so glad to hear that there are other people out there who truly understand just how sustainable it is to shop vintage and second-hand, as well as locally. these are all things i stand behind whole-heartedly. every day is earth day for me!

  6. Buttons are beaautiful :) and I love floral dresses :)
    the second picture is amazing

  7. These places you find to take your photos are out of control beautiful. Really breath taking!

  8. Hi! Thank you very much for the kind word, I am very happy you like the pictures :)
    You are taking beautiful photos, the skies in the second one are great! One cannot actually see that you are using a self timer. And it's cool that you are showing flowery dresses, one can never have enough flowers! :)

  9. Hi Hannah!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. New visitors always make me smile and thanks to your visit I discovered your pretty blog! Love the header of course ;) and your pictures are amazing.
    Love the light in the fifth one of this post. The blue sky, the cotton clouds and that light! Aah! That place is magical.
    The floral dress is really cute. Are you shipping to Europe? (Just in case...)
    Love, Sari

    1. Hi Sari! I do ship to Europe! Currently I shop worldwide, so let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by and saying hello!
      xo Hannah

  10. Fun! Your dress is pretty and the pictures are great. I hope you enjoyed your early Earth day =)

    - Sarah

  11. I hope you had a lovely Earth Day! Those were the perfect pictures for a day like that :) The background is so beautiful and I love your floral dress!

  12. Yay on thinking before we buy!! I def get preachy about this from time to time but it's just something I feel so strongly about... earth's sake it IS the earth it is the only one we've got... tehe. but anyway, I loooove these pictures, that second one, and the one with you facing the clouds and field is just incredible! & super fun last one! hope you get a few more breathers in this weekend & aren't frowning as much as I am!

  13. Love how your dress mimics nature :) so pretty!

  14. These photos are wonderful! That sky looks so ominous-- in a friendly, calm, peaceful way.