Insta-Life {1st Edition}

I am so excited to bring you my first installment of insta-life!   I got instagram a few weeks ago when it finally came out for android, and find myself wanting to document every pretty little thing I see! You can follow me @braidedbandit if you want to keep up with my oh-so-exciting day-to-day life! One good thing I can say about having an instagram is that it inspires you to look at the beauty in your everyday life- and then you get to share that beauty with others!

           Snow on spring blossoms // Pink Seersucker Dress

                Coral Mod Dress// Pretty Pink Blossoms

       Doodling Logo Designs // My Favorite Old Man Shoes

New Yummy Organic Body Butters // The Prettiest Rose Print

  My Parents Wedding in the 70s // Practicing Fancy Stitches

        My dream house //  A lovely vintage dress I hemmed

 Do you have an instagram account? I would love to take a peak! Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


  1. Lovely pictures! Isn't instagram the best? I'll admit, I'm totally addicted. Love your blog! Xo

  2. Oh wow, I love the first picture with the snow and blossoms! Quite a juxtaposition!



  3. The snow on spring blossoms are so pretty and I love the "old man" shoes! Great pictures, instagram seems like so much fun :)

  4. well you seem to be catching onto insta life quite well! lovely instagrams.

  5. You have some of the prettiest instagrams around Hannah! I love them all....I'm sure you can tell as I find myself always pushing the LIKE button if I happen to catch them on my feed:) That dream house is incredible! I pretty much so want to live there. Kudos on the dress hemming...it's a beauty! Thanks for answering my question about the hemming for Etsy...I am the same way. I'm scared to put my own hemmed dresses in the shop...but my mother in law has done a few for me:) Happy Sunday darling gal! xx Marisa

  6. Instagram opens up a whole new world of loveliness. Glad you are having fun with it =)

    - Sarah

  7. ok i know i already commented, but before i forget, let's please have a blogger meet-up! i'm thinking you, miss lane, and i should all meet up sometime! as vegetarians, co bloggers, and big-time thrifters & dreamers, i think it's mandatory! email me at bridgetfossedal @ gmail.com if you wanna!

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I rarely come across people with the same name as me :)
    These instagram shots are super cute, I will have to add you on my account.
    If you want to see my feed, my username is - lostinwishfulthinking

  9. thank you for your comment on my blog! i absolutely love your photos and your blog.
    I am going to check out your etsy shop, it looks super cute.

  10. aww cute pictures! love the spring mood in every picture :)

  11. thanks

    well, i love everything in ur blog (;

  12. omg, your dream house!!!! love it. i use instagram all-the-time. my username is katwatieb if you are bored and feel like creepin'!