Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hello Lovelies
      How was everybody's weekend? Mine was alright but seemed really short.  On Friday I got to go into Denver and stay over which I have rarely been able to do lately.  I went to The Tattered Cover on Saturday afternoon before heading home, which is my all time favorite book store.  It is huge, has a little cafe, baked goods, and coffee shop in it, and a mix of used and new books.  I could basically hang out in there for a whole day no problem just wandering around drinking coffee, reading magazines, and eating cookies!   If you are ever in Denver, I highly recommend you check it out if you like that sort of thing :)




Outfit Details:
Romper: UK Style by French Connection (from Sears Grand!)
Tights: Sears Grand 
Woven Purse: vintage from my mom
Cardigran: Target
        These pictures were taken yesterday about five minutes away from my boyfriends house.  I apologize for the slightly ridiculous snowball tossing ones.  It took a few tries to get it and I look pretty silly, but I thought they were too funny not to share!  It is amazing that you can just drive up the mountain road for a few minutes in this town and feel like you are really secluded.  It is beautiful up there, I think it would be amazing to live a little bit further into the mountains.  It would be so peaceful yet you could still get anywhere in town in under twenty minutes!  I wish we had brought a picnic up there and just relaxed, but I was wearing brandy new shoes I got for my birthday, not the best for romping around!   I know it probably looks crazy wearing a little romper with no jacket surrounded by all the snow, but it was really nice and warm in the direct sunlight! Even being up there for a half an hour can be really rejuvenating and remind me how much I appreciate where I live.
        I know I have mentioned a little shopping discovery at a Sears of all places a few months ago.  I went back this weekend and still found tons of cute things! I am really liking French Connection's UK Style collection.  I am not sure if it is sold exclusively at Sears (Grand) or not, but it is pretty amazing.  And everything is always 40% off or more it seems, which works for me. Besides the little romper, which is pretty short but I feel is acceptable because of its nice winter hues, I also got these grey tights.  They are fleece lined and SO comfortable. I literally come home and sit around the house in these tights and an over-sized t shirt and I am one happy camper! Lastly, I found a black floppy hat like I have been searching for forever.  I felt pretty guilty about buying anything for myself during the holiday season, but they were such good discounts and I got gifts for others at the same time, so I am using that to justify it. Eek. Alright, well I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far! I will be traveling home to New Jersey Wednesday night to celebrate early Christmas, but I hope to get in at least another post before I leave!
xo Hannah


  1. The snowy backdrop looks absolutely incredible! Just pretty photos and that book shop sounds so charming! I surely wouldn't mind having a visit. Loving your pretty bag and outfit!!

  2. wow this post gives us the holiday feeling! <3
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  3. The holiday season IS a time to shop for yourself... didn't you get the memo? One for me, one for you? ahhahah I always end up shopping for myself too with Christmas sales :D Love those snowball shots!

  4. Wow what amazing scenerry so so christmassy! Such a sweet outfit too :)

  5. These photos are lovely. That romper is perfect! I love all of the snow. My best friend and little sister live in Fort Collins & Denver and they've been talking about all that snow. So glad to actually see photos of it. I miss Colorado. Such a beautiful state!

  6. I love the floral romper and I super duper love you bag. Very sure. Your boots look very comfy and cute! You have sweet style!

  7. thank you! fun photos! wish it would snow here already!!