Into the Forest

Hello Lovelies,
        Hope you all had a great weekend.   It is absolutely freezing here in Colorado, and has been all weekend.  I even cancelled my birthday plans in Denver Saturday night partially because it was so cold. It is probably a bad sign that it is only the beginning of December and I am already getting sick of the cold and snow! Single digits are just not okay unless you get to curl up in bed with a hot mug and some good reading!  
          These pictures are from the day after Thanksgiving. Since I did not have any family in town myself, I went and did a little exploring on a trail by my house.  I of course wore the headdress I made from Thanksgiving, and got a lot of stares from families not expecting to see blonde Pocahontas in the woods off the trail with her tripod! I think this is going to be a new favorite spot for taking pictures because it is only a few minutes from my house and so pretty! 




 Outfit Details:
Top: Target
Skirt: Vintage/ thrifted
Tights: Ross
Flats: Marshalls
Necklace: Vintage/ gifted
Nail Polish: Wet N' Wild "Party of Five"
Headdress: Handmade by me!

          Anyway, I will try to post a DIY tutorial on how I made this headdress as soon as possible.  I did not have my lap top with me all weekend so I could not edit any pictures! But, it was really fun to make and a perfect activity for a snowy day stuck inside.  As my family is celebrating Christmas a week early, I am getting a little bit stressed about finishing all of my presents on time!  I think I have purchased everything that I need to buy for them, but i still have a few handmade things I wanted t o do too! My craft list keeps growing because there is so much inspiration this time of year, but my actual productivity has been... not so high!   Alright, well I hope everyone is staying warm and drinking delicious holiday coffees and ciders!

xo Hannah 
p.s. I am officially 25 now! AHHH! Is this too old to prance around the woods in a feather crown? I sure hope not! 



  1. haha! i definitely don't enjoy that, either! :):)
    love, polly

  2. Love your shirt the colours are perfect! Cute headdress too :) xx

  3. You truly look like a blonde Pocahontas - so cute <3

  4. You're NEVER too old to play! I love getting the funny looks from people when shooting pictures. I usually try to do it somewhere where no one is around :D I have a long lacy 70's dress to model for my Etsy shot- I can only imagine how that'll look out parading around :D hehe

  5. Eek!!! I am absolutely loving this from head to toe! How pretty is that plaid and your headdress?! Such adorable photos as well:)

  6. You are so cute! Like your look!

  7. You are the CUTEST. And you are NEVER too old for feather crowns.