Happy Holidays!

Hello Lovelies,
    Just wanted to say a quick hello and see how everyone's holidays were.  These pictures are from when I was home two weekends ago celebrating an early Christmas in New Jersey with my family.  Since they live in a small beach town, that is how our house is decorated.  Even the Christmas tree has mainly fish and ocean creature ornaments on it! 



Outfit Details:
Dress, Scarf, Headband: Gifts
Tights: Sears Grand
Boots: Marshalls

      For my trip home, I got to try out some neat little shampoo and conditioner trials courtesy of Naturtint USA. It actually worked out perfectly because I was able to carry on the little samples on the plane with no hassle! I got a little sneak preview, because they aren't available in US stores until early 2012.  Anyway, as I previously said, I really support companies who try to do things more naturally and take harsh chemicals out of their products.  I am pretty picky about shampoo and conditioner because my hair is so long, but I would recommend reading more about this company and checking them out when their products come to the U.S.!
      I also have to say I was glad to not be traveling yesterday on actual Christmas day. I spent it here in Colorado with my boyfriend and his mom, and it was pretty perfect!  We woke up, had coffee, and did Christmas presents round two for me! I absolutely loved everything I got and I think they really like their things too. I did a few homemade gifts this year, including these "Reinbeer" and these adorable ornaments. I tried to put my own twist on them, so I will be sure to share a few pictures of those soon too.  Alright, well I am off for now, this is my moving week plus I am working full time so it is a little chaotic! Hope all of you had the best holidays ever.
xo Hannah

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  1. Cute black and white dress :D Reminds me of one that Anthropologie is selling right now- I didn't even try it on because it's still full price- I'd have to skip my house payment.. hahah! Hope you had a great Christmas.