Red in the Rockies

Hello!  I am so glad its Friday. Yesterday was the boyfriend's birthday! Twenty five! I am going to be turning 25 as well in a little over a month, and I don't want to! I feel like 25 is the age where you should have your life in semi-order, and at least know what your career is and where you want to be and stuff like that.  I definitely do not have all that together yet! Oh well...  Sometimes it is more fun not having it all laid out and just playing it by ear I guess! That's how I usually do things anyway. Plus, with my severe case of wanderlust, I doubt I will ever be settled in one place for a very long time, at least until I am a little older!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: vintage/thrifted
Blouse: vintage/thrifted
Plaid Hair Bow: Target
Pants: Marshalls (I think)
Loafers: vintage/ thrifted
Belt: unknown (came with a dress)
Socks: Sears Grand

These pictures were taken sometime last week.  I found this amazing vintage had-woven sweater, which should be up in my shop as soon as I get a free day and some good light to take item listing pictures!  I love the winter red with the flowers woven into it! Even the gold buttons have a really nice design on them, but you cannot see them that well in these pictures.  The last two pictures are from a walk Rob and I took a few weekends ago.  We just wandered around on a trail for about an hour and eventually ended up at a coffee shop, it was really nice (until a bee landed in my expensive caramel apple cider and I had to throw it away!)

Tomorrow morning Rob and I are headed to Rocky Mountain National Park again to a little mountain town.  I made him a certificate for a mini weekend getaway at a lodge as part of his birthday present, and my parents are providing a nice dinner on them for their contribution to his birthday.  The place we are staying has archery, ice skating, zip lining, swimming, camp fires, and a lot of other really cool activities that are offered as part of your stay! So excited! And it is probably one of the last times we will be able to easily get into the mountains before big snow starts to arrive here in Colorado.  Anyway, hopefully it will be fun and worth the drive for only one night's stay.  I think it will be! I will post pictures next week of our outing.  Have a great weekend!

xo Hannah

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