The Dollhouse

Oh Monday, why are you always so long and terrible! I guess it always seems that way after a nice weekend.  The weather was not so great, but it was pretty relaxing and the bf and I still managed to make the most of it.  On Friday night, we had a pretty terrific dance party.  Maybe thats sad considering it was just the two of us and an ample amount of fall and pumpkin beer!  He has a really nice record player and he turned out to be a pretty great DJ as well.  Lots of old school hip hop vinyl, and he taught me how to work it too!  Saturday was pretty dreary, but Sunday actually turned out to be a really nice day, even though the forecast predicted rain.  We took a meandering walk for a few hours on the open space trails behind his house, and there were prairie dogs ALL OVER! I am from New Jersey and have only lived here in the mountains for a little over a year, so wildlife is still really exciting to me, especially when a camera is on-hand! We concluded the walk at a fancy coffee shop and then got a little baked good treat each! Completely canceling out any actual exercise, but that's okay!

I thought I would share a few outfit shots that were taken in September.  I found this little 80s birthday party dress at one of my favorite places Buffalo Exchange, which I HIGHLY recommend you check out if you are in the Boulder or Denver area.  Here is a list of all of their other locations too (the map is sequined, how can you not like this store!)

Shoes: Thrifted
  Tights: Unknown
Necklace: from a local craft fair (thanks mom!)
Kitty: the neighbors!

These were actually shot in front of an adorable little playhouse in the BFs backyard.  It has so much wear and charm to it, and with the bright pink dress I felt like a huge doll come to life.  I thought I would bring a little (big) pop of color to the blog, because the typical fall outfits are much more muted!  The best part was when the neighbor's kitty decided to make a cameo in the back of the shots.   Hope you all are having a good Monday, or if not, that it is at least over soon!  <3


  1. cute necklace :)


  2. that dress is so cute! love the color!