Grand Lake Mini Vacation

Hello Lovelies,
     How has it been three weeks already since my last post!? How time flies.  Last weekend my parents were here visiting from New Jersey and we had a great week.  Unfortunately, I still had to work full time during the week, but we still managed to eat delicious meals and catch up over wonderful dinners around Boulder.  There are seriously SO MANY terrific restaurants in this town, and it was fun to share some favorites with them while also trying some new places.  Then, last weekend, we into Rocky Mountain National Park to the lovely little town of Grand Lake.  It was really quaint and beautiful and just what the doctor ordered!  My boyfriend, his mom, and two of our family friends came as well.  We went hiking, continued the week's theme of pigging out, and played games in the lovely Mustang Lodge we rented.  Thought I would share a few pictures from the weekend.

       Karyn, our family friend who actually babysat my brother and I for years, and her husband Jeff, are expecting their first baby next month!  I got to snap a few pictures of them on the hike so she could share the baby belly with friends and family online. So fun, and I am pretty sure she was less tired than me on the hike too.  Anyway, it was an all around good time.  It did however make it even harder to go back to real life afterwards!  I have so many things to list in my shop, and I am going to try to put up at least one outfit post tonight or tomorrow, I have been slacking!  I hope you have all been having a terrific fall weekend!

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