Rainy Red

Hi Friends!  Is its Friday yet?!  For some reason I feel like we should be way further along in the week already.  Anyway, here is my Monday outfit featuring gloomy skies, rainy streets, and our neighbor's garbage can. Wahoo!
Outfit Details:
Dress- Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Glasses - c/o Firmoo.com
Jacket + Boots - thrifted

In other news, I am excited to be starting a Braided Bandit monthly newsletter to help announce special sales, the best new vintage, and give you guys a little behind the scenes look of what I have been working on!  If you are interested in being added to the mailing list, there's a new sign up in the left sidebar of the blog where you just add your name and email (I think you have to be in the full site version to see it, not the mobile site).  Or, feel free to comment "I'm in!" below with your email and I will add you! If there is anything in particular you would be interested in hearing about, please let me know in the comments because I would love your input!
xo Hannah


Cream Pleats

Good Morning!  Hope you guys are having a sunny and productive week so far.  I've been shooting lots of new vintage for the shop, all while trying to not be distracted by living with kitty again (and failing).  My phone is going to quickly run out of storage at the rate I'm going, stopping my work every five minutes to snap a photo of whatever Lilikoi is doing. But I mean, look at that face!  Even R, who has always been a dog person his whole life, is becoming a proud cat-dad.  He and I  coo and cluck at the cat likes crazed idiots to compete to see who she will come to first for the prized title of "who Lilikoi currently loves more"...

Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Jacket - c/o Oasap
Heels - Target (similar)
Sunnies - Lulus (similar)
Headband - vintage

Okay, done with the cat lady tirade (for this post at least) and onto the outfit.  I kept this beautiful vintage dress in my collection of cream colored dresses that I hoard for myself for no reason for about two years, but finally decided to be nice and share, so you can find it in the shop here.  I will be adding a bunch of new dresses over the next couple of days as well, so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you guys have an awesome day!
xo Hannah


Pastel Hibiscus

Another Monday, another fresh start! Did you guys have a good weekend?

Outfit Details
Shirt - Target
Skirt - Vintage (in the shop this week!)
Heels - thrifted
Purse - Vintage
Sunnies - c/o Kameleonz
Necklace - for sale in the shop here!

     When we stepped outside to get out of the house and run some errands this weekend, it first looked like a beautiful day.  Then as SOON as we pulled over to snap these, it became a giant wind tunnel of grey skies and doom.  At least midi skirts help to avoid marilyn moments more than mini skirts!  This awesome pastel hawaiian print number came with a matching blouse, which I am going to turn into a crop top and then the set should be in the shop later this week.  I have came across many a floral print in my day, but the pastel colored tropical hibiscus on this one make it one of my very favorite prints ever.  I almost want to crop the skirt too just so I have some leftover fabric!
     I hope you guys are having an amazing start to your week! I have a good feeling about this one :)
xo Hannah


Handmade Shop Grand Opening!

It brings me great pleasure to announce that my long-awaited handmade shop is now live!  The Braided Bandit will now be selling handmade plush toys, floral crowns, jewelry, and possibly some home goods a little bit down the line in addition to the vintage.  Right now, I will just be hosting the handmade shop within my current Etsy shop, and you can navigate the vintage or handmade portions by using the "shop sections" sidebar in the shop on the left.  So without further adieu, here are a few snaps of some of the new goodies!  And you can take 15% off with the code YAYHANDMADE at checkout :)

Meet the birthday kitties Mae, Periwinkle, and Margot!
As you can probably see, these kitties are handmade from recycled fabric from vintage dresses!  Above, Periwinkle the birthday cat and I are wearing the same outfit ;) All of the plush toys are sustainably made primarily from upcycled materials.
Allow me to introduce you to the Grumpy Fridas! Named for the notorious frowning grumpy cat and the notorious flower-wearing Frida Kahlo. 
Next up are these neon tassel necklaces!  I will also be listing some other types of necklaces shortly, but these are so much fun and an easy way to add a splash of color to your outfit!
Last but not least, I have listed a few of my favorite handmade flower crowns!  If you ever have a color request or would like a custom one made, you can always shoot me a message on Etsy, I would be happy to work something out with you!

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this little taste of what I've been working on!  I have been wanting to share some of my handmade goods for such a long time, and appreciate the support and encouragement you guys always give me!

Let me know what you like best or if there is anything else you would like to see!
xo Hannah
p.s. Did you guys see my new assistant?!


Violet Jungle

Oh Monday.  So far today I have written a to-do list a mile long, went to do my kitty volunteer feeding, and then locked myself out of my car in a Walgreens parking lot, which was certainly not part of the to-do list.
Outfit Details
Skirt Set - Vintage (coming to the shop this week!)
Purse - Vintage
Boots - thrifted
Necklace - handmade (coming to the shop this week!)

As you can see, my hair has turned mint green as it fades out.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I feel like I just stayed in the swimming pool too long, like the chlorine-soaked summers of childhood. This awesome vintage jungle print set will be listed in the shop this week, and the necklace that I am wearing is actually part of the brand new section of The Braided Bandit that launches on Wednesday!  It will also come in neon pink, orange, yellow, and green versions as well! Here's a little sneak peak of the rest of them! 
There's only two of each color right now so if you are interested in reserving one for when the handmade items go live, just let me know which color you'd like in the comments! (They will be $24 +S&H). So exciting! Hope you guys have a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


Pleated Florals

Hi guys!  Just stopping in with the outfit I wore out to Easter brunch, which was all vintage, thrifted, or both (the outfit, not the brunch).  We drove into the mountains with some of R's family and ate a feast in beautiful Estes Park.  Aren't buffets the best and worst thing ever at the same time?
Outfit Details:
Vintage Skirt - for sale in the shop!
Vintage Boots - coming soon
Sweater - thrifted
Glasses - thrifted

If you follow along on instagram, then you've probably been seeing a few sneak peaks of some new things I have been making and working on.  I have had the dream of having a separate handmade shop for quite awhile now, but for the time being, I will be launching a handmade portion of The Braided Bandit early next week! I am really excited and hope you guys like it!
    I guess I should also fill everyone in that we will not be moving to Charleston like we had hoped to this year.  We did love it when we visited, but R's office is located in California so we found out the east coast timezone difference may present a bit of a problem for his job.  So, we are trying to just be happy and embrace where we are for the time being!
Hope you guys are having an awesome week!
xo Hannah


Red Romper

Blogging is strange.  I hate writing this little introductory paragraph at the beginning of posts because its like HEY GUYS, WHAT'S UP?! But I'm actually just sitting in my office by myself.  The latter part of posts are always so much easier because I get to blather on about what I am wearing, eating, doing, and thinking.  Does anyone else sometimes find it strange addressing an invisible audience?

Outfit Details:
Romper: The Root (Hawaii)
Bag: Vintage
Earrings: Momentum (Boulder)
Boots - DSW
Hair- Arctic Fox (Turquoise)

Okay now on to the *really exciting* part about what I am wearing, eating, doing, and thinking.
Wearing: A romper I bought a few days before leaving Hawaii.  I couldn't wait until it was warm enough to wear it again at home, and Colorado has been providing some pretty lovely Spring weather these past few weeks.  Except now it may snow tonight, so I will be eating my words soon enough
Eating:  Oatmeal, which I am pretty sure is the only thing currently left in our cabinets right now.
Doing: About to hem a pile of vintage dresses for the shop!  Speaking of which, you can take 10% off with the code BUNNY10 at checkout!
Thinking:  How are we already into April? I should probably finish my taxes.  And go grocery shopping.  And do laundry.  And maybe vacuum.

That's all folks!
xo Hannah