Plaid Barn

Lately I have been choosing my work clothes by "what wouldn't I mind getting poop on".   So needless to say, it felt pretty good to get dressed in something other than my animal shelter clothes for a day! 
Outfit Details
Vintage Dress - for sale in the shop here!
Boots - Ariat (thrifted)

I finally finished painting and organizing my office in the new place on my day off and it feels so nice to have one space that is unpacked and looking the way I want it to.  The rest of the house in coming along too, but all of the newness between the house and job has been pretty overwhelming.  I'm excited to finally start feeling settled.  How have all of you guys been, I miss you!
xo Hannah


  1. Super cute! Totally love that dress on you.


  2. Your plaid dress is the bomb, Hannah! I can't get enough of that classic red and black plaid print. And these photos are absolutely charming.

    I'm glad you've got at least one space nice and organized--it'll come with time, so don't worry too hard about it!

  3. I really can't say enough how much I love your office space (based on IG pics, anyway!)

    Also- this is a lovely outfit. There's something so quintessentially autumn about plaid- it may just be all the plaid First Day of School Dresses my father made us dress us in, but it seems more than that. You embody the fall season well, anyway!

  4. Yaaas, I saw your office on IG and nearly bobbled my coffee. IT'S SO PRETTY. And love this dress! It reminds me of a christmas barbie I used to own, which is one of the highest compliments a person can receive ;)

    (Jesus christ I just realized you're blonde like barbie too....I'm having some major childhood flashbacks right now)