Florence at Dusk

Our second to last stop on our Italian adventure was Florence, and we arrived right before dusk.  The balcony of the apartment we were renting was what dreams are made of, which is where the outfit shots were taken.  Unfortunately, I had my camera on the wrong setting when my mom was helping me snap some quick outfit photos up there, so most of them just came out as blurs.  The terra cotta rooftops were gorgeous though and you could even make out the Duomo in the background!
Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt: Marshalls
Dress - Vintage (in the shop here!)
Sneakers - New Balance
Beanie - Forever 21
Sunnies - Italian Street Vendor

We only had one full day there, so the evening we arrived, we scrambled across the river and up the hill to a gorgeous vantage point where you could see the whole city at dusk.  I'm glad we did, because the whole next day it was a torrential downpour as we attempted to explore the city, which turned into a grey sea accentuated by color umbrellas (on instagram here!)  We also got to see the statue of David, but I only had my phone camera with me because of the rain!

Last up on the adventure is possibly my favorite, Venice, so stay tuned!
xo Hannah


  1. Oh! I've always wanted to see Florence!

  2. Florence really is a beautiful place! I ve been there two years ago and I really fell in love with the city. Your grey on grey outfit is pretty cool!

  3. That balcony reminds me of the Lizzie McGuire movie, haha! I absolutely love it. It really is the stuff dreams are made of. Man, I would love to go to Florence. It looks beautiful!

  4. I'm pretty sure we watched the sunset from that same vantage point, and I remember being caught in a downpour even though it was the middle of summer, so we were totally unprepared :) I love your shot of the umbrellas- some cheer on a gloomy day! You mastered the cute but comfy look, perfect for traveling!

  5. Beautiful! I'd love to visit Florence one day!

    xo, Serli