Happy Birthday to Me

Hi guys!
Creative post title, eh?  Anyway, today I am the big 2-8... Woah!
I'm not big with the birthday hooplah, but I am looking forward to after work today because we are ordering from a new east coast style pizza place that just opened up in our town and just having a cozy pizza and beer and present night in!  Also, I am wearing this pizza shirt I found on Etsy today, which was a birthday present to me from me. 
Outfit Details:
Vintage Sweater - for sale in the shop here!
Hat - borrowed from R
Jeans - Volcom
Pineapple Shirt - Target
Shoes - H&M

Anyway, these were taken a few weeks back when my hair was pink again.  It has since washed out and because of a seasonal job I am working this month, it has to stay regular blonde until Christmas.  Oh yeah, I am also having a little birthday celebration sale in the shop right now if you are on the hunt for gifts or holiday outfits!  You can take 28% percent off with the code 'bday28' at checkout!
xo Hannah


  1. Happy Birthday fellow December birthday person :)

  2. Happy birthday Hannah! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate- especially with wearing your pizza shirt. Aw to be 28 again ;) Love the pineapple shirt layered up for winter- I saw that shirt at Goodwill recently and wanted it so bad, but alas it wasn't in my size. Have a great day, girl!

  3. Happy birthday!! Have a great night with your awesome pizza shirt :D

    That outfit looks so cozy.. and that pineapple shirt is adorable.

  4. Ahh, I want your sweater! The colour is such a lovely rich shade of green. And Happy Birthday, lady! Hope your day was all you hoped for :)

  5. Happy birthday! A cozy pizza and beer night sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

  6. Happy happy birthday! I hope you are having a great one (pizza shirt? So perfect.) Also, isn't it weird passing certain ages? I had always viewed 25 as super-adult, and now that I've passed that up and am on my way to 27, I keep thinking... ah, I''m supposed to be an adult! What?
    Anyway. That may have been random, but I hope your 28th year is the best one yet!
    Eccentric Owl

  7. Happy Birthday! Or belated Birthday! I think sometimes the best presents are the ones we give from ourselves to ourselves :) I mean no one knows me better! Also ah I just spent a fortune this weekend but Im so tempted by the sewing print dress in your shop and with this code…. I just may have to.

  8. Happy happy birthday, Hannah! Love this little outfit and hope the first day of your 28th year was really special!

  9. You look so perfectly laid back in this outfit! I can find nothing wrong with staying in and eating a pizza for your birthday. Heck, I'd do the same thing!

  10. Loving that pizza shirt! I have seen quite a few novelty print pieces but this was a new one for me :). Also, a very happy birthday to you!

    xo, Serli

  11. Happy Birthday! I say just about a week too late. Hey, better late than never! You're looking absolutely lovely and I hope your day was splendid, my dear! <3 Sorry for my sparse commenting--I'm back for a good month or so now, haha! ;)

  12. Such a great outfit, I just love how the whole thing is styled! Looks effortless :) I think I need some acid wash denim in my life now too, hah. Happy belated birthday, deary! Can't wait to see the pizza shirt in action :D