Capri (Italy Travel Journal Pt. 3)

You guys, I really have not been very good at blogging since I returned from my trip.  With shop work, holiday shopping, and possibly even a seasonal job on the way, the blog has been put on the back burner, and it may stay there for awhile.  I definitely plan on still posting, it just may not be as regularly as I usually do!  Anyway, here's a little photo journal of the third leg of my Italian adventure on the island of Capri!

The (amazing) view from our apartment.
The only spot where we got wifi was on our patio.
Posing in front of our little abode.
All of the rest are from the beautiful Villa San Michelle in Anacapri.

We spent one day on a beautiful rocky beach and even swam in the freezing mediterranean, and also took a boat tour around the island to see the infamous blue grotto, both of which I did not have my real camera for!  Hope you enjoyed this little peak into the beautiful island of Capri! Next stop, Rome!
xo Hannah


  1. That place looks like it is straight out of a dream! I would never want to leave.

  2. What a stunning place- and like Lostvestige says like out of a dream!

  3. This looks great! I hope you had a great stay in Europe :) Ive been swimming in the mediterrean sea last week but on the other side - in Tunesia.

  4. That little island looks wonderful. These pictures make me want to go on vacation! I wouldn't mind one right now :). Oh, and I know how busy life can get. I've been pretty behind on blogging too lately but I've been playing catch-up!

    xo, Serli

  5. Oooh so pretty! Looks like you had some nice, sunny weather too, which is always good for traveling! The Blue Grotto sounds really cool- I'm afraid I would have a claustrophobic freak out getting there, but that it'd be worth it :) I love the outfit you're wearing- that dress is perfect for an island adventure!

  6. Oh wow this looks amazing. Super jealous!