Pink Hair, Cares a Little Bit

Hi guys!  I'm back with a simple black and white outfit and pink hair again!   I could not wait to dye it back again after I got back from Italy!  The dye I have is both a curse and a blessing though, because it rinses out after only a few washes. So while I like that its temporary and non damaging, it is going to be kind of annoying to keep it up!  If any of you have ever had pastel hair before, I would love to know what you use/ your process! Also, the post title is from the common hashtag/ saying "Pink Hair Don't Care".  This ones more true for me ;)

Outfit Details:
Fuzzy Coat - Darling UK
Blouse - Vintage
Pants - Target
Shoes - thrifted

I am definitely not done with my Italy trip photos, but I'm going to try to throw some real-time outfits in the mix too so you guys don't get too bored with one or the other!  It's really nice having so much content to go through with the trip, but I do get a little bitter posting about a trip that I am no longer on haha! I'm sure most of you can relate!

Anyway, trying to get my shop and blog groove back, wish me luck!
xo Hannah


  1. I love the coloring of these photos! Your hair looks so pretty with the snowy backdrop and white coat (a coat that looks super comfy btw!). I love how it's styled too! I can imagine it'd be a lot of work to keep up, but totally worth it :) Hope you're staying warm!

  2. haha you're title made me laugh out loud! The pink looks great on you, and I love the gold detailing on your jacket! So gorgeous!

  3. Getting back into a blog groove definitely is hard after a trip! I can't even imagine after a fabulous Italian adventure how much harder it is. Im in love with that jacket! It is sooooo amazing. Im gonna have to find it and maybe get one of my own ;) I used to dye my hair, I did purple, pink, blue, and red. I found the longest lasting dye that is still semi permanent and nontoxic to hair to be Beyond the Zone color jamz. I prefer it over Ion and manic panic. I think it lasts longer, cause believe me I had my hair all funky colors for more than a year and I got sick fast of dying my hair every week. Its exhausting. So hopefully if you check it out it works for you!

  4. The colors in these photos are awesome! I love that coat on you :D

    You can try getting a cheapo conditioner and putting a few drops of your dye in it.. to stain your hair in the shower. I try to avoid washing it as long as possible .. otherwise my hair goes from 3 colors to everything blended into 1 haha

  5. I love how the pink in the sunset compliments your hair, very pretty indeed! And could that coat look any comfier?! Best friend for winter perhaps?

  6. The pink is so pretty! I'm jealous of your snow too. :D

  7. Love some pastel hair, it looks great on you! That sweater jacket looks soo comfy! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  8. I like these photos. You look dreamy. Also- is that a necklace or studded collar? either way I like it!

  9. Lovely outfit :)
    Your coat looks amazing and warm!

  10. Love the pink locks! I'm so scared to try it out but I really want to go lavander on the ends ya know!?! I can't believe it's snowing already in some parts of the world! Lol.... stay warm in that adorable coat!

  11. I love this outfit - the coat looks so nice and warm.
    And your shoes are perfect, too. :)


  12. Yay, the pink is back! I'm ready to commit to dying my hair so I'm just gonna live vicariously through you and your hair choices. haha

    Your coat looks seriously snuggly! It's a great piece to complete your look. :)

  13. Did you get this coat a long time ago? I *love* it! Beautiful background as well.

    ♥ perfectly Priya