What You See

I think it is pretty amusing that, through the selection and editing process, people get to choose exactly what kind of images, and thus "image",  they share with the world.  Whether it a flattering filter on instagram or a profile picture on facebook with good lightning and a slimming angle, people now more than ever get to fine tune the face they would like to present (on the internet).  Though it may seem very second nature and insignificant nowadays, I think its important to remember that it is actually quite a powerful tool that we hold in our hands!
     Sometimes I am guilty of wanting to throw out a whole entire batch of photos because of extraneous circumstances, such as wind or lighting, that I think has ruined a shoot for the blog.  So was the case with this batch of photos taken on an extremely windy day the other weekend.  But then I decided it would be interesting if I shared the few images that I thought were normal and "blog-worthy", along with a few that would not normally make the cut, in order to reiterate how imperfect we all are no matter what shiny photo finish we put forward!

Anyway, here are a few of the photos from this shoot that I would typically deem salvageable to use on the blog like normal.  Here's what you see:

Oooh what a pretty vintage dress! That scenery! I wish I had a mountain road or an old barn to stand in front of to take my outfit photos! I wonder if that hat is new?

But here is what you don't see:

THE DAMN WIND! It is flipping my collar up in at least 3/4 of the set of photos and driving me nuts.  Not to mention making me flash every passerby.
Probably yelling at R. WHY didn't you tell me my collar was up around the back of my head in the first 20 shots?!
A poor attempt at a fake smile.  Or maybe I've just soiled myself.  Hard to tell.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Vintage
Sunnies - c/o American Apparel
Hat - Target
Boots - Sam & Libby via DSW

And here, my friends, is honestly what half of every outfit shoot actually looks like, especially if the weather is not cooperating. The ones that I (and most of you!) would probably never choose to share.  If I know I am going to be taking outfit photos, I usually bring a pair of nicer (read: more uncomfortable) shoes than the ones I am actually wearing in real life.  I often put on lipstick right before taking photos.  I edit out all of the photos that I think were shot at unflattering angles.  And if rushed for time and lacking posting material on weekends, I sometimes put together outfits for the SOLE PURPOSE of taking photos for the blog, which seems pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, I have been feeling a bit lackluster about posting lately, and I think it was partially stemming from the fact that sometimes all of the above things seem a bit daft and difficult to fit into every day life. Can any of you relate?

 I am not going to make these outtakes a normal or every day thing, and will probably continue to only choose what I think are the BEST photos to use on the blog , but for today, I thought I would attempt a bit of honesty and humor along with an outfit.  Hope you guys are having an awesome week!
xo Hannah


  1. I love this dress + I'm always into your settings. I totally get what you are saying, but I think these photos are super cute! Blogging is definitely a challenge and it takes a lot of energy to create content. Whenever it feels like work it stops being fun. Sometimes a breather is all you need.

  2. Oh man I absolutely LOVE this post Hannah!! your commentary on what you were prob thinking/saying along w/ the bloopers is perfect. i'll do that too with Jonny... I'm like what, why didn't you tell my until after we took the entire section that xyz looked silly? he always says he was focusing on how my face looked so i can't blame him haha. anyway, i agree w/ Jessica that they're super cute! and i love that vintage dress + the beautiful countryside here!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  3. Hahah I laughed out loud at the one where you're yelling at R for not telling you the collar went cray. My brother takes my pics and i'm always like "don't you SEE that that looks bad?!" That's probably the moment where they confirm in their minds that girls are crazy. And this was post was really interesting- you usually don't really think about how you have the power to show your best self through media. So many smoke and screens, man.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. cute dress and pics! :)


  5. How fun (and brave in a way) to show all the annoying-weather/weird face ones! Also- cute hat!

  6. Great post! Very insightful, and I totally agree. Photoshop, filters, and generally what we choose to share on sites such as personal blogs definitely enables the construction of identity. I love the photos you chose to share today. I can imagine you speaking and laughing and talking! A whole new dimension of you. Also, the scenery in your posts is always stunning!

  7. Hahaha this is the BEST. I obviously love blooper posts, and I totally have the same thing happen every photo shoot. Do this all the time! And of course, you look still look fantastic! This dress is great.

  8. "OR maybe I've just soiled myself" hahahaha, Hannah! That made me smile out loud. Laugh out loud. Smiling doens't make noises. Unless it's accompanied by laughter. THEN...

    okay, thinking too hard. >___< gosh, you look adorable here! I love those booties!

  9. Hahahahaha it's so true! I have so many bad ones it's ridiculous. I have done a bloopers post and should have enough saved for a second round. :) keep em comin'! Love this outfit and these photos though, for real!!

  10. Love your out-takes. Its nice to get a dose of realness on the blogosphere! I use the multi shot timer with my tripod and there are literally always photos of me that look hella stupid.


  11. cute post, made me giggle. Goodness, I've had some ridiculous outtakes and sometimes I just throw out the whole batch of photos :). love your barn photos in this post.

  12. Oh man- this is 100% true! I've scrapped entire outfit posts that I loved the outfit but hated the photos. And I've totally laughed at myself for putting on an outfit for the sole purpose of a blog post, and then immediately changing into comfy clothes :) Thanks for gettin' real, lady! Love this look, collar flipped or not!

  13. Love this outfit!!
    Your blog looks also beautiful ;)

    Xx julia

  14. Love this outfit! And these photos aren't bad at all, in fact they add fun and relate-ability (is that even a word? lol) to your blog! I hear ya on the sometimes feeling silly when taking photos, but I assure you your work is appreciated & enjoyed! :)


    1. Aw thanks Megan! I just tried to click the link you left to say an overdue hello on your blog but the link is not working for some reason!