Spring Awakening

Good Morning!
    Just wanted to stop in quickly and post a few more photos from the outfit I share over on the Flock Together Blog yesterday.  I was lucky enough to borrow this beautiful floral pleated Mata Traders dress from Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles.  I don't think having access to other amazing blogger lady's closets will ever get old!

Outfit Details: 
Mata Traders Dress - borrowed from Marisa 
Nude Pumps - Shoemint (Naomi)
Green Jacket - thrifted

Let's see, what's new around these parts?  I spent a pretty dull weekend (and all of yesterday) finishing up my horrendous small business owner taxes, which I am so glad to be done with but not so glad about the chunk of change I had to hand over! I did however get in an amazing thrifting trip on Saturday morning, so that help make up for the taxes.  I also picked up two new foster kitties from my local humane society, as they are re-doing the cat portion of the shelter and needed volunteers to take all of the residing kitties for the week! Sniper is the fluffy one with to different color eyes, and Amber, whom I call Mango, has a large orange polka dot on his side!  They are both little old grandpa's and total sweeties (except towards eachother), so its a treat to get to have them as little visitors for the week!

Anyway, a huge thank you to Marisa who let me borrow this beautiful Mata Traders dress!  You can see how she remixed it on her own blog here.  Have a wonderful day!
xo Hannah


  1. Wow, that dress looks AMAZING on you!!! :) Love the shape of it.
    Aww, that's so nice that you're fostering kitties!


  2. /gasp. That dress. Love it. And her your friend Marisa's look is so vastly different, and I love her styling of it, too! But you just look positively poetic!

  3. Oh my goodness, that photo of you peeking around the corner is brilliant <3. Again, this dress is 100% perfect on you Hannah. I really love the lighting you've captured in these photos too...all just gorgeous!

    And those sweet Kitties! That is awesome that you had the opportunity to volunteer to take them for a wee bit. I think I may have trouble giving them back though. Precious little sweetie pies.

  4. This really is SUCH a gorgeous dress. The colors suit you so nicely and the band around the waist is such a fun, feminine touch. And such daring heels! I can't wait to stop wearing boots and get into some of my springy shoes again soon!
    And awww kitties! I would love to foster animals some day :)

  5. That picture of you peeking around the wall is so cute <3 I feel it on the taxes. It's bad for freelancers too.

  6. hey man, it will always feel good to get taxes done! YAHOO FOR YOU!

    I agree with Sonya. That picture of you peeking is so good. SO GOOD! And I don't think I'll ever get bored of those cut heels of yours. Cute heels. Not cut heels. Can't type.

  7. It's so nice of you to take home those kitties for the week! I'd probably get attached and not want to bring them back...lol. I wish I could have a cat, but since I am living home with my parents and my dad doesn't want a cat scratching up anything, I can't have one. I want one when I move out! By the way, I LOVE this dress. It's been on my wishlist for a while, now.

    1. Aw Thanks so much Sara! I've had my eye on this dress for awhile too, I was so excited to get to at least borrow it for the week :) And I totally understand the whole pets while living at home dilemma. At least you have something to look forward to when you move out!