Skinny Sweats

Do you fellow bloggers ever have a post or outfit up on the blog that you like so much that you are hesitant to put a new post up?  Well, that's how I feel about posting these photos, that I am not a huge fan of, over Monday's post which I liked so much! 
Outfit Details:
Grey Skinny Sweats - 6ks.com
Heels, Jacket, & Tee - thrifted
Necklaces - Vintage & Gift

Anyway, I jumped on the "skinny sweats" bandwagon and ordered a pair from 6ks.com and then proceeded to live in them last weekend. The intense Colorado sun was shining a bit too bright for photos when these were taken, so please excuse the squinty b*tch face!  Have any of you tried out skinny sweats yet?  If you've posted an outfit I would love to see!
xo Hannah


  1. Looks like a comfy outfit! I love comfy outfits ;) but I enver tried skinny sweats... I think here in Germany they are not yet that trendy, but I dont know. I enver saw anyone in them and never saw them in any shop.
    Lots of love!

  2. You look so cool, like you're about to go for a jog and then stroll into your casual office!

  3. Haven't tried them yet but I like how you combine them!


  4. I actually really like this outfit- it somehow seems a bit outdoorish and boho-both of which I associate with Colorado (which, to be fair, may not be "boho" at all, but is far less conservative the WY so... relativity, amirite?). And, I like this as much as Monday's, though I've definitely felt as you have about outfits too!

    I'm never tried skinny sweats. Looks like fun though.

  5. haha YES! I am always feeling that way! I'm constantly trying to "top" my old outfit posts lol so that I'm always satisfied with what's being posted.

  6. oh i totally know what you mean. surprisingly though sometimes my not as favorite outfit ends up being more popular than the other i liked more... oh silly style blogging stuff haha. anyway, i had not heard of skinny sweats before but considering i've been wearing leggings like all day every day for the past few months that sounds just like something i could get behind for sure! and i do quite like this outfit, the green jacket is just the perfect touch w/ the sweats. plus, obv not being baggy sweats makes them totally non-people-of-walmart-outfit even as is : ).

  7. haha that damned sun, i hate when that happens! and i LOVE the skinny sweats. i've seen J Crew style them and fell head over heels- i especially love it with that military jacket!

    xo marlen
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