Meow Mix

What better way to start a Friday than with an overload of cats!  I'll be honest, I have been lusting after other bloggers' kitty-ears rings for quite some time now, and I am so happy to have my own now from Oasap! I decided to go all out and wear my cat blouse underneath a vintage dress, because hey, why not?  I think I may look a bit crazy, but I guess most cat ladies are, right?
Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage- in shop soon!
Cat Ring - c/o Oasap
Cat Blouse - c/o American Apparel
Belt & Necklace: F21
Tights: Target
Booties - MIA via DSW
     So, do you guys remember how earlier this week I said that all of my images shot from last weekend got corrupted and turned completely black?  I woke up early and re-took both the outfit pictures and my shop listing pictures before work one day this week.  They uploaded just fine later that night.  Then, when I was editing them in iPhoto, I clicked to one of the black ones and it suddenly appeared! These images that you see are from the lost files. So frustrating re-doing everything and then finding out the originals ARE there, however, I like the originals better so I guess all is okay in the end.  Technology is sometimes just the worst.
     Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend?  I have a bunch of stuff to get done, but plan on going to a fun anniversary party for a local brewery too.  Today after work I am headed off to a thrift store a little ways away and can't wait to stock up on new goodies for the shop!  
Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


  1. Dear crazy cat lady, I love your new ring. And, glad you got your photos back and super bummer that you took the time to re-take them. :) May the thrifting goddesses be looking down on you this afternoon! :)

  2. So cute! I love that shirt!! I love anything with the print of an animal on it (not animal print, print of an animal. haha! I like animal print too, in moderation).

  3. love that ring! another beautiful set of photos!

  4. Sooooo cute! I totally just ordered it along with the cute rabbit shaped earrings in purple, skull & crossbones earrings, and the sitting cat brooch! They're having a 25% off sale with the code: XMAS!

  5. cute ring!! i love that and your top knot is so perfect! have a wonderful weekend

  6. I love your outfit but I can't really get past the amazing background, wauw! I like your kitty themed items a lot :) xo

  7. That ring is darling! I've never seen a kitty ears ring but it's super cute <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. Cute ring!

    Well, even if you didn't end up needing them, I admire the effort you put in to get everything reshot.

  9. So cute! I have the same ring, and I love it ;)
    Glad you ended up re-finding this gems! Great photos & the background is just stunning!

  10. you look awesome <3 this look is so lovely <3

  11. Wonderful outfit! You look amazing! Also that ring is sooo cute! <3

  12. Yep! I totally adore that cat printed blouse! Such an awesome look! Great cat ring too!


  13. LOVE that blouse and how you wore it under the dress! So darling. And im totally jealous of everyone's cat ear rings too! Lol

  14. Loveing all the cats, and the necklace is great: kind of made me think of cats claws! Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  15. Colorado has the best breweries! Sounds like fun plans. Seriously, this outfit is so adorable. My cat lady-ness probably makes me a little biased though... :) The combo of that ring and necklace are perfect together- I love how they go together but aren't matchy match. You are a lucky lady to have that top in your closet!

  16. Wow, you have some incredible scenery for your outfit photos. It makes me want to run away and find some mountains.

  17. i love the ring and your location is just bretahtaking <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

    (if you feel like you can also like my facebook-page: )

  18. aah that sounds so frustrating! sometimes technology is the dumbest thing ever but glad you found your originals at least! and you look SO adorable here!! Cats are great so the more cat in an outfit the better I always say! That blouse is amazing & super cool ring & overall great vintage outfit!

  19. oh wow the landscape on your pictures is sooo amazing and i love your country outfit! and that cat ring is absolutely fabulous!

  20. Hooray for joining the kitty ring club! We should all just be cheesy and wear our rings the same day :P As usual, this outfit is wonderful. I love the print of the blouse (of course) and the cream dress!

  21. The kitty ring is so cute and I love the necklace! It looks great underneath the collar :) And I really like how you layered a patterned shirt underneath the shirt, it makes this outfit work so well for fall! Oh no, that does sound so frustrating :( But these photos really do look great.

  22. there is definitely no better way to start any day of the week than an overload of cat clothing and accessories! your cat blouse is AMAZING!

  23. I love this look!! That necklace is perfect