An Adventure at Dusk

 I had such a nice weekend that I almost don't even mind that it is Monday! It involved yummy Thai food, pumpkin ales, a fun BBQ with softball friends, a mountain drive at sunset with R, dinner at a brewery, and a long Sunday bike ride; some of my very favorite things!  I don't have a Makeover Monday for you today because I neglected my sewing machine this weekend in exchange for enjoying the last warm days outdoors. But I do have for you some fun pictures from our sunset drive into the mountains!
Outfit Details:
Necklace: Vintage- gift
Shoes: Vintage - thrifted
Jacket - J. Jill - thrifted
Crown: thrifted flowers -DIY
     Sometimes it is so liberating to get into the car with no specific destination in mind. We knew we wanted to head West into the mountains to see if the Aspen leaves had started changing yet, and we were not disappointed- a faint golden glow has start to take over the Rockies.  Finally, right at sunset, we pulled over near an empty Ranch that we had visited in the beginning of the summer (seen here).  We were so excited to see that there were actually a ton of horses eating their dinner, and it pretty much made for the most Colorado-esque backdrop I could ever dream of.  I am usually kind of skeptical of horses, but they are really beautiful.  I tried to think of a horse song to sing to them to lull them into coming over to say hi, but my rendition of "Oh home on the range" didn't do the trick.  R however walks up to the fence and just stands there and immediately a few practically sprint to him. Ahem. I cannot say I wasn't slightly insulted they didn't find my singing voice pleasing.
    Since these photos depict what Colorado is to me, I would love to hear what the quintessentially perfect backdrop would be for the place you live! Would it be a sandy beach, a gathering of city buildings, a quaint downtown, a shady grove of trees?  If you have a post on your blog that you think really shows the heart of where you live, link it to the comments and I would love to take a peak!
Hope you guys are having a good start to you week!
xo Hannah
p.s. Please disregard my bum knee from my bike fall, not the prettiest- eek!


  1. Oh my! Looks like I need to take a trip to Colorado! Those mountains! And horses! These photos are simply amazing and magical, you are a very lucky gal.

  2. Sunsets, mountains and horses, it really does look so idyllic. I don't have a post that shows Edinburgh the way I'd like to yet... must work on that. Your jacket looks lovely and cosy.

  3. Hannah, these photos are lovely! Sounds like it was a simple but still fun weekend. I saw your little scratch and I assumed it was from your crash, hope you're all healed up and not frightened from riding forever! Horses usually scare me because they're so HUGE, but these ones look pretty friendly.

    Colorado looks SO beautiful and I've always wanted to visit! I love the mountains in the background! I would say where I am currently in TN there are lots of trees and cool old buildings. But specifically my new house is in a old neighborhood with a cool back alley (I've shot it before here: http://perfectlypriya.blogspot.com/2012/09/casual-saturday-in-alleyway.html
    Cool idea!

    perfectly priya

  4. This is so lovely! I love the pictures and I adore your dress! And the landscape is so beautiful! Is this where you are living? You are so lucky :)
    I will follow your blog :) I would be very very pleased if you would have a look at mine too :)

    Love from Germany!

  5. Super cute dress!

    xo Jennifer


  6. The sunset is so beautiful! Fantastic photos! So nice to spend time outdoors like that!

  7. so beautiful!! sorry about your knee!

  8. uhh thai food is my fave. so jealous! i love the horses. and your outfit is adorable. i'm totally drooling over your crown!
    ~niki <3

  9. these are some seriously stunning photos...i don't blame you for neglecting the sewing machine.

    xo erica

  10. I noticed these photos on Facebook and was wondering when we would get to see them :) This is definitely one of my favorite posts of yours (how often have I even said that??). The photos are stunning and you look absolutely gorgeous! I love this dress on you, just a great post overall!

  11. Gosh Colorado must just be amazing this time of year! I live surrounded by mountains too, but really they can't compare to the Rockies. My quintessential PA backdrop would surely be the lake we live on with the mountainous backdrop. Of course - your photos here are just as charming as ever. Those horses have my heart and so does your little floral crown and vintage dress!

    I've been all about the pumpkin ale lately too! It's become quite an obsession, I will admit :) xo Marisa

  12. Lovely lovely lovely! Beautiful photographs, sounds like you had an amazing time! xx

  13. impromptu trips are the best! some of my most favorite outings have been those that were spur of the moment. Also, these photos are just beautiful :)

  14. thank you so much for comment on my blog <3. your blog is so lovely, i love your style and you are very beautiful girl :)! i just followed you :)

  15. Hattitude Style Blog

    ooo this looks beautiful hannah! i LOVE the rockies. I visited calgary last fall and fell in love. it was out of this world stunning! love the coat and knee highs! so cute.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  16. these photos are beautiful! it is definitely nice to take a drive sometimes, and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. you are so lucky to have the mountains so close to you. it's my dream to someday move near (or into) the mountains!

  17. I just had a Ricard's Cardigan yesterday, it has the most amazing cinnamon aftertaste, perfect for fall! Love your dress, so pretty!

    1. Oh my goodness, I looked them up and they are ADORABLE! :)

  18. Love your look and I love those sweet horses too!

  19. Cute outfit! Looks like you got a mean owie on your knee :)


  20. beautiful photos! love the high socks and that coat!


  21. Really pretty photos! I love the last one