The End of September

     Holy Moley its already the end of September.  I am pretty sure this is the fastest month of the year!  It is always an exciting time even though on paper, not much has changed and my day to day life has pretty much remained the same.  It must be ingrained in us from the time we are small children that September brings new beginnings since that is when you would enter the next grade in school, make new friends, and start learning new things.  Even though I am no longer in school, the slight change in weather always brings with it a refreshing change of mindset for me.  It isn't just about getting to wear tights, the changing leaves, or pumpkin flavored treats that I am all too excited about- there is a deeper buzz in the air that I always know signifies a new and fresh start.
Outfit Details:
Boots: Vintage/ thrifted
Blouse: Vintage/ thrifted
Sunnies: c/o American Apparel
These pictures were taken on a perfect September day last weekend.  R and I got on our bikes and started riding through his neighborhood with no particular destination in mind.  We take turns leading and turn down whatever street seems the most interesting (or ahem, the most downhill).  This time, our bikes brought us to this peaceful little pond at the base of the mountains.  The aspen leaves were a beautiful golden hue against the caked mud and green grass, and it was really nice to just sit and listen to the peace and quiet for awhile.
     With the new-found motivation that September has bestowed upon me, I have also been much happier with how my shop is going. I have always known that the amount I get out of it is commensurate to amount of effort I am willing to put in, and I really have been making a much larger effort to keep it chock full of pretty vintage goodies.  It has been hard to juggle my full time job, the small hint of a social life, and still find time to buy, alter, photograph, and list new items on a consistent and regular basis, but I finally feel like I am coming to a happy balance between it all.
     What changes have September brought for you? 
xo Hannah


  1. i am in love with your polka dot vintage looking dress...ADORABLE!! :)


  2. I also can not believe it's the end of September! You look so lovely, I am such a sucker for anything with polka-dots though!


  3. September really has flown past, it's a little scary! It's been a month of big changes for me too with work and uni but like you I'm hopefully working my way towards a balance... Love the pretty collar on your blouse :)
    Faye x

  4. I am completely in love with your dress!! These photos came out so cute.
    The shoes work perfectly too!

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  5. that dress is beyond lovely! having just moved, $$ is a little tight, but I can't wait for my birthday--I plan to treat myself to a goodie from your shop!


  6. The color and shape of this dress is so freaking perfect. Also I want to come to Boulder. Right now.

  7. I love the fresh start that September ushers in too... such a nice month, short but definitely sweet! I have been trying to appreciate the little things, and notice the beauty in the changing seasons around me. These white boots are so dang COOL! Love the look

  8. Oh my goodness, this dress. It might just be time for me to break down and buy something from your shop before someone else snags this. I need to convince myself that it's okay to spend money on a dress right now... this is just too cute. And seriously, it's the end of September? When did this even happen??

  9. Ahh, I was thinking the same thing. It was dark today by 7:30 and it totally caught me off guard! I cannot believe it's almost October already!
    And those are some interesting shoes. They remind me of skates...without the blade.


  10. you look so lovely dear!

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  11. love this outfit! those boots are so darling!!

  12. I love this dress and collar. It looks like it was such a beautiful day when you took these photos!
    xx PC

  13. I love your dress! You're right, this time of year always has wonderfully fresh feel to it. I can't believe September is almost over either. I sort of started a new job this month and the other major change September bought is that my best friend moved to my city! So September was definitely full of good changes for me. Here's to October :)

  14. loving the pond! i wish i had something like that only a bike ride away! i love the last picture of you too. hmm, september hasn't really brought much change for me. it's my last month of my 20s though! and my husband turns 30 just two weeks before me on the last day of september... ugh.
    Sometimes Almost Always

  15. Such a pretty dress and your boots are very cute as well!
    To tell the truth, I don't like fall too much, although I enjoy all the colors we are given by nature. I haven't had any changes so far :)

  16. wow this dress is so beautiful and you look awesome <3

  17. the dress alone is cute. the peeking collars are a great idea!


  18. You are the cutest ever!! I would have never thought to put a blouse under that already so adorable dress but the collar just makes it all the lovelier. Is your hair a slightly diff color? Anyway, these pictures are gorgeous, Fall looks incredible over in Denver and makes me really long for the changing leaves we don't really get. I LOVE those boots too, what an amazing thrift find! And wow, that is AMAZING that you found this on a bike ride near your house by going down a random road! Glad you're finding a good balance w/ the shop, it's always really hard to do anything after a long or tiring day of work but you're doing awesome! And do you alter all your pieces? I def prefer my dresses a the length you make them for my body type, but maybe some would prefer a maxi style and you could offer it as an bonus option?

  19. The collar on that dress is too sweet for words. I am excited for fall as well. I feel change is in the air and I hope it is good :] I am glad you have found a happy balance between work, life, and your store. I am still trying to find balance in my life.

  20. I love the cute dot dress and the collar has such an awesome detail! i can't believe it's October tomorrow, September really did just go by soo fast. And i'm glad you found a good balance! Finding a good balance really does make life so much happier :)

  21. i LOVE that dress. the green dots are perfect. andi cannot believe it's the end of september already! ugh crazy. these photos represent september so well to me - slightly more clothing but still bare legs, wind, and the best time of the year

    <3 katherine