A Wrinkle in Time

I like to remain upbeat on ye' olde blog for the most part, but if I am being honest, today is just one of those days.  Thank goodness its Friday, lets just put it that way.  Is it actually possible to have a good day if your alarm doesn't go off and you start your day an hour and a half late already?  I always find that if my morning is stressful, it is really hard to brush that feeling off even long after I have settled into my day. 



Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress (worn as skirt): Forever21
Crop tee: Rusty, via Ross 
Belt: Free people, gift from friend
Sandals: Reef
Subway Token Necklace: gift from R
Purse: gift from R's mom
Floral Crown: DIY

     Anyway, these are the first blog pictures with my new Nikon! The ones of me were snapped by R yesterday before work and the garden ones were taken by me after work. We both have no clue what we are really doing yet so these were just shot in auto, but I cannot wait to get some practice shooting in manual mode! I am really hoping this camera will give the photo quality on my blog a huge boost in the near future, and I am looking to tweak my whole design aesthetic and layout a little more too.  I think I expected to just magically be able to know how to operate my new camera and I got a little frustrated the other day trying to figure out the focus when I was using the self timer.  R surprised me after work the other day with two shiny new DSLR photography books though and I cannot wait to learn more! I apologize for the wrinkly clothes (and post title), I accidentally left them in a ball in my backpack overnight and didn't have an iron on hand!
    In other news...I sewed my very own infinity scarf last night, and it has the most cheerful print: SPRINKLES! I will try to post a few pictures of it on instagram today (@braidedbandit) if you want to see it! It is a bright, cheerful, and cozy addition to this otherwise dreary day.  I paired it with a bright pink vintage mini dress and brown tights and look pretty much like a walking ice cream cone.  Sometimes you need to take comfort in such a trivial thing such as this to get you through the day.

xo Hannah



  1. Lovely blog! I loveee that skirt, looks so sunny there to! x

  2. Love the outfit! It looks super comfortable too, which is always a plus. I still need to try sewing an infinity scarf, but I keep putting it off!


  3. Great spring look, I love the flowers in your hair.
    Thank you :) It's approximately one month, then I'll be done with all my exams. Hopefully :D


  4. Ah, I so know what you mean! I'm not a morning person to begin with so if that happens to me it totally makes me feel off-kilter for the rest of the day. TGIF though at least:)

    Such gorgeous photos Hannah! I especially love that last one. I've had my Nikon since Christmas and have yet to tap into all that it offers.

    That floral crown is perfect...so is that maxi, which looks sooo comfy! Happy weekend darling! xx Marisa

  5. I know how you feel with the whole camera thing, my camera is pretty basic but I still end up discovering new things it can do then feeling really slow... I am excited to see the sprikles scarf! :)
    Faye x

  6. I love the look of your bag with that skirt. Also the scarf sounds lovely, I totally need to DIY a few things too!

  7. Gah I just had one of those days as well!
    Hope youre feeling better!

  8. You look gorgeous, even if it wasn't the best day! I have a Nikon too... reading the manual is good, but so is loads and loads of experimentation. Good luck!

  9. I'm diggin' the flower crown. Must make my own...
    Anyways, I too am trying to figure out a DSLR. It technically belongs to the Hubs-to-be but I've been borrowing it. I need to finally consult a book on how to use it properly as I have mostly been fiddling with the ISO and F stop to get it to give me what I want. Learning by doing I suppose? Much luck and awesome shooting with your new camera!


  10. So cute and summery! I love ice cream cones in all forms!!

  11. I love these photos! The colours are so beautiful and I'm ridiculously envious of the weather you're having right now. I have a hankering for a new camera right now, as ridiculous as it is!

  12. Can't wait to see the scarf! & I didn't notice the wrinkles so no worries.. although hmm clothes stuffed into a backpack? great job w/ your new camera, the pics look really sharp & i like the casual look w/ the pretty headband : ) oh aaaaaaand I got a nikon a few months ago too and oh man it is SO nice having decent-looking pictures now, although I never did read the manual.

  13. I love floral headbands!! I wear one all the time!!!
    So precious, love this look.



  14. Great photos and lovely blog <3