The Ivy League

Hi Guys.  Just a quick update to let you know I am feeling in way better spirits! The weather has been great and I am getting back into my work schedule, so now all I need to add is working on my shop! This morning I woke up on my own a whole hour before my 7am alarm, and just decided to get up.  It is so much better waking up that way as opposed to an incessant beeping sound, but during the work week I rarely wake up early enough for that to happen.  I even rode my bike to work and still made it here before 8am, which means I get to leave before 4 and actually enjoy my day (errr or work on a shop update...!)
Outfit Details:
Blouse: can't remember!
Shorts: Old Navy, from 3 trillion years ago
Shoes: MIA Pampa Desert Booties
Necklace: vintage/ thrifted
Bracelet: vintage/ gift
      R was nice enough to snap these after work yesterday.  As much as he grumbles, I think he secretly likes getting to play with my fancy new camera, which we are both still figuring out! I am so thankful when I don't have to run around my tripod, and I think he does a pretty terrific job too! These were taken on beautiful school grounds that I walk by almost every day, but have yet to take pictures of!  I am a huge sucker for ivy crawling up the side of buildings and houses.  I think my dream home would be a white Tudor style home with wooden beams covered in ivy, and a huge garden out front with peonies and roses in all shades of pink and red! A girl can dream, can't she!
     Anyway, I can definitely start to see a summer style shift for myself.  I definitely find myself gravitating for comfortable, flowy, bohemian looks as the heat quickly augments. I grew up on the beach in New Jersey, so I definitely still am always more comfortable in flip flops and a sundress over anything else!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!
xo Hannah
*Outfit shots by R, scenery shots by me


  1. that's the perfect summer outfit! love!


    wardrobe girls


  2. That is such a magical looking building, it reminds me of the house in the Narnia books where the children find the wardrobe! Lovely location for an outfit post. :)
    Faye x

  3. I need a pair of shorts like this. They are too cute!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. These photos evoke a simple & carefreeness(not really a word) that seems attainable <3 btw that necklace is such a great thrifty find!


  5. Our dream houses are pretty much alike! And I love your blouse, the relaxed and summery feel is perfect for this time of year.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. loving this post!!!

    The Lithium Girl

  7. You are adorable! And I love your shop! Am now following and will be frequenting your adorable corner!

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment! This is a perfect summer outfit. You look awesome! I really like your style and follow you now (:

  9. Your necklace is absolutely exquisite - I'm obsessed! :)

  10. Oh Hannah! These photos are divine! I'm such an admirer of old architecture like this. I wish I went to school like this. My college was built at an old army hospital and even though historic it was quite simple and sterile looking - nothing like this! Nothing like taking pretty pictures when you get off of a long day's work.

    Loving your summer style here lady! xx Marisa

  11. That school look amazing, hope to much more of it. I also go giddy over ivy covering walls because it's so uncommon out here. Fun caz look & cute booties & looove that necklace, so unique & awesome & I feel ya on the photos, I could have never had a blog if I didn't make my guy take my pics ; ) sounds like you have a great schedule, I wish I left at 4 even & yay for biking to work!!! Do you always bring a change of clothing? usually I just bike there in whatever I'll be wearing (sometimes w/ spandex under shorter skirts) but then just change in the afternoon because it's far too hot... although you sound much less grubby than I am if you wash everything after just wearing it once ; ) (I wear my bike clothes for like a week straight haha). that was so sweet of you to know I have my exam coming up, you are THE sweetest, I really appreciate it, thank you Hannah!

  12. Sweet outfit. I like the mix of the flowy top and summery clothes with the boots. Great balance.
    PS on pics: I usually start by focusing on something where I will be standing--it's great to use your purse for this. I set it down where I'll take pictures and then take test shots with the purse. Once the settings look right I hop into place & pick up my purse. Sometimes it will still be too dark or too light, but then I adjust again. Focusing and using the purse as a stand-in gets me very close to the settings I need. Hope that helps.

  13. i love this outfit, dear! Thank you so much for saying that about my pants :) I really don't ever wear pants! It's nice to branch out, eh? These photos are beautiful. XOXOX

    love, polly :D

  14. Wow. Your necklace is awesome. I've been noticing my style changing for summer as well. I keep reaching for clothes in lighter colors. I also love ivy covered buildings. This one is beautiful! How lucky that you are able to go to school there.

  15. Your blouse is so pretty, I really like the flowyness of it and the statement necklace looks so nice with it!

  16. that necklace is the perfect addition to this outfit!


  17. chic look!!
    just discovered your blogs and it is so nice!
    like to follow each other? i hope so! we could stay in contact!!
    I already follow you on GFC and BL!