The Black and White Jungle

Greetings from Hawaii,
     I am again posting from paradise! I am currently laying in bed slathered in aloe and drinking a Blueberry Lemonade Smirnoff waiting for my dad to finish grilling dinner.  Who even drinks Smirnoff anymore, I am not sure, but man does it taste refreshing after such a ridiculously hot day! My mom and I went to some Kona thrift shops today and it had to be in at least the mid 80s.  It was a lot of fun, but driving around in a car with no air conditioning was not!  


 Outfit Details:
Shorts: thrifted
Tank: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: borrowed from my aunt
Hat: sears

These pictures were taken in a lush area that I discovered the other day right near our apartment here along the bay.  There was a really cool old canoe covered in debris and palm fronds and LOTS of spider webs.  It is so nice to have so many awesome areas to take pictures in so close at hand.  I did not bring my tripod with me though and feel slightly bad about having to ask others to take most of these for me.  My mom has been a very willing participant though because we are outside anyway and this encourages us to explore more. (Thanks mom!)  

Alight, I am off for now but have some really pretty beach pictures I would love to share tomorrow!

xo Hannah


  1. What a beautiful background for your photos! Love your sandals :) Have a great day!!

  2. Amazing necklace, and that nail polish is beautiful!

  3. You look great! Hawaii really seems like paradise :)

  4. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your shorts, what a great shape and that hat is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your necklace rocks! You have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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  5. Looking lovely in paradise! I was on the big island a couple summers ago and I want to go back! Enjoy your time there!

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  6. your blog is amazing!! especially this post!!!!great job!!

  7. These are really beautiful photographs. Your nails are super cute!

  8. lovely pics and great nailpolish!

  9. Great pieces and fantastic style. love it.


  10. Love the black and white - classic!

    xo Jennifer


  11. Ohhh so jealous! Love your necklace and your nails - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. love your necklace

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  13. Oh my gosh what I wouldn't give to be in Hawaii right now! It looks like paradise!

  14. Ah! Your nails are amazing. What a dream to be in Hawaii x

  15. well this just seems like a dream kinda vacay! wonderful snaps and i really loved the retro styles in the one below too. thanks for visiting me lades, coming here is like a big whoppin' welcome bowl of the good punch!!! your blog is great and i was happy to see you're enjoying a lovely break on the Islands after enduring the root canal ordeal. Blueberry Lemonade Smirnoff cheers to that is what. happy weekend! ♥

  16. Hi there! Thank you for your comment over at my blog, Salvage Life! Just wanted to say that you are darling, I love your nail polish and I'm kind of freaking out over that green chippy paint on the side of that building. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    xoxo Beth

  17. very cool outfit! I love the necklace especially--the black and white with metallic pops look so good.