Lovely vintage fashion prints

Hello Lovelies,
    It has been freezing cold and dark by the time I get home from work, so I do not have any outfits to share with you at the moment.  I am also working extra long day this week so I can take Monday and Friday off to go visit my best friend in Indianapolis!  I do want to share some amazing vintage fashion prints from Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Glamour that are up for sale at a really cool artistic daily deal website Fab.com.  If you aren't a member, you can go to http://fab.com/husaro which is an invitation link.  This is not a promotion, just a cool site I thought I would share with you all. All photos and information are from Fab.com.  All photos link back to where they are for sale, but you may have to be a member to view everything on the site, I am not sure.   Enjoy!

"What I find so inspiring about these prints is how the photographers actually took the time to patiently compose compelling images that evoked a quiet sexiness mixed with unabashed style. Reclaiming retro is what these classic prints are all about." – Andre Wagner, Production Coordinator at Fab.com

 Against the grand metropolitan backdrop of New York's Chrysler Building, Santé Forlano captures two models in twin, ladylike looks: pink wool baby doll dresses by Masket Brothers and Virginie of Paris for Haynette, velvet dome hats by Madcaps, and fur muffs by Ingber. The image appeared in the August 15, 1958 issue of Vogue.

William Bell's playful image, which appeared in the February 15, 1959, Vogue issue, accompanied a short piece on how to wear the latest shoes and stockings. New for spring of '59? Experimenting with matching hosiery and pumps or flipping convention by wearing shoes with various nude colored stockings.

 This classic Vogue print is taken from the May 10, 1930 issue. Here, Tilly Losch is wearing a polka dot blouse with a dark jacket, both by Yvonne Carette, and a turban from Boucheron.

 This striking, imaginative image features a most unusual dining experience. A model in a black crepe dress and large feather hat by Lilly Daché gazes intently at a cheetah. The jungle cat appears quite civilized, given the napkin tied around its neck and the champagne bucket next to its place setting. Leombruno-Bodi's elaborately staged photograph appeared in the November 1, 1960 Vogue issue.

 A sophisticated woman smiles charmingly to someone outside of this photograph's frame. Sitting in a restaurant banquette, she wears a black velvet visor with a rhinestone pin by Dior. A satin scarf, also by Dior, is tied intricately around her neck and chest. The chic scene, captured by Henry Clarke, appeared in the November 15, 1952 Vogue issue.

{All images and captions from fab.com}